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If you want to advertise with us – You must know us! is a personal and business growth blog. Our aim is to provide value to our audience.

That’s why we work hard to research and find out the latest and practical information from successful people.

Rich, famous, and successful people like Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, and Robert Kiyosaki use to believe that it’s an age of information.

If you’ve got accurate and timely information, you’ve more worth and you’ve more chances to get rich or become famous.

That’s why we give more value to the information.

To expand the canvas of this service we invite you if you’ve something valuable that you want to share with our audience. No matter, how small or big a businessman you’re, we welcome you to speak your mind on our blog.

We allow you to share your sponsored blog posts with us for your branding. Your sponsored blog post should lie in one of the categories we work on!

  1. Relationships
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Requirements for a sponsored blog post are:

  1. √ Well written blog post, (word count 1000-2450 words)
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Warnings for the sponsored blog post:

As we said, we don’t compromise on quality and surely we won’t for anyone! Please don’t contact us if you’re involved in spamming or you have got some penalty.

What you will get:

  1. Worthy Dofollow backlink
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We will charge,

  • $250 for each pre-written sponsored blog post (permanent backlink)
  • $300 (We will write for you)

Why you should advertise with us?

Because we work on specific categories and we don’t compromise on quality. So it’s really hard to get a backlink from InspiredN Blog.

Neil Patel has said, a backlink is as worthy as it’s hard to get. So your this single backlink will be far better than tons of the easy to get backlinks (at cheap rates).

Especially, after the recent update of Google, investing in guest posting will get you more amazing results if you do it, naturally.

If you believe that this blog can be a great platform for your sponsored blog post then you must contact us.

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1. Your website spam score should not be greater than 5. We prefer sites with 0-2 spam score. The higher the spam score the lesser the chances to get your sponsored post published.

2. All commitments to sponsored/guest posts are applicable for a year. Although, we never remove any post. This policy is to just to keep our side safe.

So if you want to grow your business and rank higher in Google then you will definitely require strong “natural” backlinks.

That’s a bit hard to accomplish.

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