9 Reasons Of Cheating Husband And Tips To Refuse Infidelity

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A husband will definitely cheat wife

When does a husband cheat his wife? And why husbands cheat?

To answer the questions, first of all, we see, in general, why do people cheat?

  • People cheat others when they have some hidden feelings unquenched.
  • People cheat when they want to keep their matters secret because of some fears.
  • People can also cheat others to attain some benefits.
  • Sometimes circumstances compel the people to cheat others.

So is the case with husband. For convenience, I have divided this discussion into two major categories.

Category A:

It consists of a kind of husbands, who actually don’t love their wives so much.  So definitely, there are more chances of his cheating with the wife.

Category B:

It has a type of husbands that are the ones who actually love their wives but the circumstances force them to cheat their wives.

But here not every husband can be predicted to cheat. There are fewer chances of cheating.

Reasons why husbands cheat and tips to refuse infidelity

Now we will discuss both of the types in detail.

Reasons why does a husband of the category ‘A’ cheat?

There are some common reasons when the husband of this category will definitely cheat their wives.

Flirtatious nature

In this category, most of them are of flirtatious nature. A husband can cheat his wife to quench the thirst of his lust. A lusty man cannot stay fair to a single lady.

This is the major and most common reason when your husband will definitely cheat you.

In this type of cheating men, there are two types, one is those who have been flirting with too many girls at the same time.

And the other type is of the ones who have been in relationships but they have been loyal to their relationships.

These kinds of husbands, especially, the first ones who had even not been loyal to their previous relationships will definitely cheat their wives.

What a wife do to make flirty husband loyal?

In such a situation, a wife should not trust her husband but don’t tell him that you don’t trust him. Realise him that you trust him and he should never cheat you because it will break your heart.

When you keep telling your husband that his trust is far more important for you, it will change him and make him loyal.

When your marriage was a compromise

Not every marriage converts into relationships, some marriages are compromises.

When a wife clearly knows that her marriage has been a compromise, and her husband actually married to her money or to get a visa.

Then there are maximum chances that he won’t be loyal to his wife.

It doesn’t mean that there is no love between the husband and wife relationship. There is always love and sympathy between two persons living together. But that’s not enough to keep someone loyal.

Loyalty demands more love and bonding that can’t be expected in such a relationship. When a husband knows that it was a deal:

  • He will fear to share his everyday matters with his wife.
  • He could blame his wife not to keep his secrets.

So he can easily avail a chance to cheat his wife.

What should a wife do in a compromised marriage?

In a compromised marriage, the wife should let her husband feel that it had been a deal but not now. This can’t be done verbally, there is a need for a strong attitude which turns someone into loyal persons.

It will take a lot of time and consistency.

When your beauty doesn’t attract your husband

Every person in this world is beautiful and has an attraction to some people at least unless any kind of misfortune happens to you.

So, it’s clear that a wife has its own beauty and attraction. But it doesn’t mean that this beauty will attract the husband.

It’s like flowers, every flower is beautiful but it doesn’t mean that you like all. Maybe a husband has some other taste and the wife is not of that kind.

What will happen?

Definitely, the husband will cheat her wife.

What should a wife do when she’s not beautiful?

It’s a big task because in such a situation wife should strive to know what kind of taste her husband has? What he likes and what does not?

After that, she can be better able to at least avoid those situations that her husband dislikes.

That will turn her husband into loving her.

When a husband is habitual of drugs

A man who is spending a lot of time in drugs and he is not aware of social goods and evils. How can anyone expect him to be loyal?

Definitely, it’s a clear sign of a cheating man.

How to deal with a drug-addicted husband who cheats her?

The first priority of a wife should be to ask her husband to leave drugs somehow. It might need some medical treatment.

Reasons why does a husband of category B cheat his wife?

Mostly they are cheating unwillingly, under the uncontrollable circumstances. These are, I think, good husbands.

Look, not a mature person ever want to cheat and put his image and values under threat. It’s the circumstance that let them cheat.

It doesn’t mean that I can ever support the lame excuses of circumstances that everyone uses to give but I do believe that circumstances have a great impact on our lives.

There is a difference that I would like to share here to make it clear about which circumstances will have great impact and which have a minor impact. So that a wife will be clear how much value should she give to the situations which we will discuss later.

There are two types of loyal people:

  1. The first ones are those who are goal-oriented.
  2. The second ones are those who only spend time to make a livelihood.

In the first type, people are more focused and loyal to their wives. You can see that focused and goal-oriented people don’t cheat. It’s quite rare that these husbands surrender to the circumstances.

Circumstances have a great impact on people of the second type who only spend their lives to make a livelihood and spend their lives peacefully. Because they look for temporary benefits and not at the bigger picture.

They don’t want to get into troubles and always try to avoid the problems. Here, in this case, circumstances have a great impact on their lives.

They only see temporary benefits and don’t have long term planning.

Well, let’s come to the reasons that will let a faithful husband cheat on her wife.

When a husband is in stress

We are human beings we have emotions. Actually, emotions rule our lives. We take different decisions in different emotional situations.

A husband can be loving and caring when he is happy and has enough money but when a husband is under stress then its possible that he can be rude. If a wife doesn’t support him in such a situation then the husband won’t remain loyal.

The wife can also be a cause of depression.

For example, when the husband doesn’t have money or enough resources of income and the wife insists to buy things then a husband will go out and look for some mental peace, by any means.

What a wife should do to make husband faithful in depression?

In such a situation, when a husband is in depression, he is looking for some mental peace. A wife can be the best source of it. If she does so, it will cause strong bonding.

So, the wife should not tease him when he is in depression and be cooperative in such a situation.

When there is a lack of intimate relationships

It’s a kind of situations that can let a faithful husband cheat on his wife. It’s seen that most of the husband go outside the cities and countries to make money.

I do believe that chances of infidelity increase with the increase in distance.

A wife should never think that her husband will remain loyal in another country or a city where they can’t meet.

It’s a fact that all of the humans have sexual desire and we need to fulfil it somehow. So if a wife can’t fulfil the desire someone else will try to do so.


There is no direct solution to it. The only thing to make it possible to keep an intimate relationship alive. Stay with the husband or meet the husband after every few days.

When a wife is pregnant

It’s also a critical situation when a wife may not fulfil the sexual desire of a husband. So it can also cause infidelity.

How to deal with the cheating husband while pregnancy?

A wife should try to keep her husband happy by all possible means and should tell her husband what she can’t do.

A wife should be open and clear about the consequences they may face if they cross the lines. A mature person will understand the matter.

When a wife doesn’t care about herself

It’s the other reason that causes infidelity. A husband loves her wife in the beginning because a wife is beautiful and attractive.

After a few years, a wife is no more attractive because she doesn’t spend time on her beauty.
She is not appealing anymore. This will let the husband cheat on her wife.

What should a wife do when she is unable to get her husbands attention?

Definitely, in such a situation, to improve the husband-wife relationship, a wife should value herself and should take care of her beauty. She should always try to get her husband’s attention to keep the love alive.

When a wife gives opportunities to cheat

It’s an Arabic quotation,

It’s good if you trust everyone but it’s great if you don’t trust anyone.

It’s what I believe. Though I’m a goal-oriented person, I even don’t need to cheat on my wife but still, I ask my wife not to give me opportunities to cheat.

Because whenever a husband has an opportunity he won’t miss the chance.

It’s often seen that wives trust their husbands so much that they start giving them the opportunity. If the wife allows a husband to meet her friends and spend time with them. It’s possible that it will cause infidelity.

What should a wife do in such a situation?

A wife should never give an opportunity to a husband so that he can avail it.

Simply, trust is essential for strong bonding but it doesn’t mean that a wife should start giving opportunities. A wife should keep her eyes open every time for a better relationship.

Anger and revenge can cause infidelity

An angry spouse can definitely cheat to take revenge. If the wife has done something wrong, for example, she cheated on him or something else.

It means there are maximum chances that a man will take revenge in anger and will cheat his wife.

What should a wife do to keep her angry husband loyal?

To deal with an angry spouse, a wife should always be compromising, to make her relationship ideal.

Here, I don’t mean that a husband should not compromise, definitely if a husband won’t compromise then the wife will cheat. Relationships are based on both people, both partners are pillars of the relationship.

Frequently asked questions about infidelity

Now let’s come to the frequently asked questions about infidelity and answer them.

When does a happy man can cheat?

A happy man can cheat when he is habitual of making relationships and he is never mentally satisfied with one person. The second reason is the opportunity that we discussed above.

The reason can be concluded from the research that almost all (98%) of the men and the vast majority (80%) of the women reported fantasizing about the other than their current partner.

So, it means a happy man can have a relationship with someone else (his ex-partner).

How can a cheating husband be changed and be faithful?

A cheating husband can be changed if the wife follows the tips that are mentioned above according to the situations.

Every situation has a different reason that’s why every situation has a different solution. But it’s not essential that all of them will change so if you suspect that your husband is still cheating then surely you should hire a private investigator to catch your husband cheating.

Do you agree with the reasons I felt important in this scenario? If you have any other question or you want to share your story then please speak your mind.

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