Death anxiety: How Did I Overcome This Fear and You Too?

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death anxiety overcome fear

I never want to die and certainly you too! We all are afraid of death it’s a fact __but why?

That is the question I had been keeping in my mind for a long time and as I was experiencing this fear so badly.

Thanatophobia or the fear of our own death or death anxiety whatever you may call it is a psychological behaviour of mind yet it plays a vital role in our character building and personal development.

That’s why I chose to write on it.

Although it’s a very hectic topic for me because I had had this phobia up to the extent that I never wanted to talk about death and it was far difficult for me to Quest about its reasons.

And not only me; I have observed a number of people having death anxiety.

Even there are so many people who can’t see even others death. They used to fall ill while attending a Funeral or burial.
Why it is so?

Why we do not want to die, while it’s a natural phenomenon and all of us accept its reality.

A Greek philosopher Epicurus said,

The death does not concern us because as long as we exist that is not here and when it comes we no longer exist.

It was his philosophy that It’s all over when It’s over. But in different religions, the concept of life after death also exist.
However, still, people do not want to die.

Reasons for death anxiety.

Let us try to find out Some of the reasons that cause death anxiety and make the people behave like a coward.

Reason #1 Abstract ideas about the next world:

One of the reasons I think are the speculations about life after death.

Except some of the information passed through the revelations of prophets we have no other source of knowledge about what will happen after death?

Keeping aside the religious views there is no one who came back and told about life after death.

We feel that the world totally separate from this material world and our material thinking could not approach the non-material truths and facts.

So we became afraid of the things that are out of our thinking approach that’s why we fear to die.

Reason #2 Love for life and its beauties:

Another thing that makes us afraid of death is our passionate love for life and this world.

We want to extract each and every pleasure from this existing world.

We least think about any other world or to get away from the beauties of this material world.

All other notions are swiped away by the attraction of real and existing life and its setup.

We cannot think beyond this world so we fear to think about even leaving it for a single moment.

Reason #3 Overestimation of our entity:

Sometimes we feel as if we were the operating force of this world and if we are not here, all the things would go wrong.

We think about the properties we accumulate or about our children and family. We feel them insecure without us.

It is commonly observed that the persons having kids are more afraid of death than the ones who don’t have kids and family.

Reason #4 No return:

Many of us do not want to die because there is no return.

We would never come back to see the wind and water is of this world aware not being would certainly have no impact on the speed of life on earth. Our being or not being just matters to our own self.

It has nothing to do with any other thing in the world. It goes on with the same speed and nothing stops without us.

Reason #5 suffering end of others:

The other thing that makes death more horrible for us is the suffering end of our beloved ones and other people accident, fatal disease, or old age all of these make us unpleasant to a pitiable end of life people.

These suffering of others also make us somewhat coward and we don’t find ourselves strong enough to face and fight against such suffering death.

My thoughts on this fear.

Despite the reality that we all have to die one day we do not prepare ourselves to face it. We never add the death in our plannings. it is always unexpected for us.

Although we are fully aware that it will certainly happen without giving us a chance to look back and wind up our activities and plannings.

So in my view, it’s a blunder of ours to seek shelter in the sand while it is a storm there. We negate our inner feelings in order to win the race of life and it’s luxuries.

We think that everything would be alright at the end and spend the whole life in the illusion. we keep our eyes closed to the facts of life and at last the death opens them mindlessly.

Life is too short to live in this world, still, the people waste it in pursuing false blessings.
People struggle a lot to collect all the luxuries of life, some of them succeed in doing so, but they lost time to enjoy them.

Some people always remain in the same race course without fulfilment of their aspirations and dreams.

They lose their energy and they are thrown out of the race helplessly. in both cases, they had negated their own self.

They remained unsatisfied till the end and this deprivation makes them afraid of death. They want more moments to be added in their life so that they might be able to satisfy their inner – to quench the thirst of their real being.

How did I overcome this fear?

I admit that I have also been suffering from this anxiety. I felt as if I were going to die and I had not achieved the inner satisfaction.

Why I did waste my life in the activities that could not quench the thirst of my inner self?

I wanted to be an artist, creator and I did nothing for it it was unjust for myself.

When I felt all this I changed up my direction, I amended my schedules, and I asked my beloved wife not to deal with me like a horse, carrying the mess of our materialistic wishes.

Because I don’t want to regret at the end of life, I don’t want to be afraid of death due to the unfulfilled desire and passion of my heart.

I decided to live an inward life along with the outwardly; started my life with enthusiasm and zeal of my passion.

And now I am not afraid of death because I am doing what I always wished to do. I have no chaos or emptiness in my inner self.

I am satisfied with life. I’m getting what I needed for my self-satisfaction. I’m no more a coward. I am ready to face death because it’s the truth.

According to the philosophy of Steve Jobs that changed his life,

Live each day as if it were you last day.

If you start following your dreams; start doing what motivates you all the time, and do whatever you want to do, it makes you much happier and confident.

You should realize that all of us die, you can even read a book “Last Acts of Kindness: Lessons for the Living from the Bedsides of the Dying” to lessen your fear of death, and by all this you can too overcome the fear of death.

Let me know are you also ready for death or___?

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