Don’t Ask Why Me! It’s Just You Behind Your Deprivations

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Stop complaining why me. Upgrade yourself.

Why me? It’s a frequently asked question. Most of the people think that whatever happening to them or wherever they are today, they didn’t deserve it. but it’s not true.

I strongly believe that whatever happening to you, you deserve it. You’re always the reasons behind whatever happens to you.

Let me explain how it’s possible that you’re the reason behind the failures, your accidents, and relationships.

If you seriously get my point, it might change your whole life by 180 degrees.

Maybe you are doing a job, maybe you are running a family, running a business or you’re poor at a relationship. You may think that why this happening to you? And sometimes you do comparisons that don’t let you sleep. You compare yourself with a person you suppose to be an idiot – but you find him more successful more satisfying and more productive. You get jealous for it.

For example, you’re doing a job and you’re not satisfied with it and you think that you don’t deserve it, you deserved more. But why you’re stuck at the post and you’re not getting the better position?

Maybe, there is a guy in your office, you compared yourself with him, let’s say he is at your rank, but he is getting more salary. He is making more money. You are surprised to see that. Is there anything like that?

There is the other example, that can help you understand more.

For example, you and your fellow admitted your children to the same school. After a couple of years, you notice that your fellow’s children became more productive and intelligent, and you’re surprised that either you have invested more money on your children – overall. Why your fellow’s children became more valuable than yours?

You think that why this to me? I didn’t deserve that!

Two main reasons behind all this!

  • Negligence in keeping up your abilities:

Actually, the first main reason is, all of us always overestimate ourselves.

It’s human nature that we always think that wherever we are, we deserve more. But it’s not true.

Someone asked me a question one day, that how you can one know that someone is worthy or valuable? When he is not making money.

I told him, money is a by-product, someone is worthy when he can – anytime – make money from his expertise. And if someone can’t utilize the skills to make money, it means he can’t be valuable.

It means that you can’t materialize everything to see the results.

If you have a higher degree than anyone else, and the other person is making more money, you can’t materialize that you invested more time, more money and more energies to get more degrees than the other person so you should be making more. It’s about quality, not quantity.

Actually, you didn’t invest more time to make yourself valuable than the other person.

Jim Rohn has said that people don’t pay you for your time. People pay you for the value you add to their business.

  • Carelessness towards things:

It’s the second main reason behind your blaming behavior.

For example, you are in a relationship and someone leaves you. Whatever happened to you I am not sure but if something bad is happening to your relationship it means you are the reason behind it.

The more important reason for accidents and poor relationships is carelessness. Whenever you’re careless about something, It makes you suffer the consequences.

Let’s say, you were driving a car and you got an accident, who is behind this? It’s you. You were not available and that caused the accident.

So is the case with relationships. When you’re not giving much care to a relationship, won’t your partner cheat you? How long it can go?

You know the better answer.

How to make yourself deserving better?

Now the question is, how you can become more valuable and make more money and stronger relationships?

The one thing that can overcome all this is to invest time on yourself. Improve yourself and be valuable.

Invest time on your skills, every field of life has its own skills, be expert in the field you want to master.

To make more money, you need to be a more skilled person in your field, you should do what successful people of your field are doing or dealing with issues. As it’s said, fake it till you make it.

You should notice, what mistakes you do but they don’t. Tony Robbins has said, you learn either from your mistakes or from others.

Don’t waste your time on making mistakes by yourself and learning from them. It’s better to learn from other’s experience. Because life is too short.

Secondly, Care for your relationships, try to make your relationships beautiful and the things around you which need your care. Give due value to everything having a place in your life. It will add up your own value. Don’t ignore your obligations and Duties.

Final thoughts:

Hopefully, you got my point and now you will invest some time on your value and skills. You will care for your relations and soon you will see the results. You would no more think, do I deserve this? Do I deserve to live? Do I deserve to be happy? Because you will notice that you deserve everything best but when you make yourself capable of it.

Share your ideas with me about any other reason behind such questions.

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