Honesty In A Relationship Is The Base Of A Peaceful Life

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Honesty in a relationship

A relationship doesn’t need to be perfect. It just needs to be honest. Honesty is the key to a successful relationship. Cheatings, lies, and deceits add up nothing to relation but anxiety and restlessness.

Importance of honesty in a relationship could be observed through simple research in the society around.

You will find a number of couples spending an incomplete and unsatisfied life due to their willing dishonesty.

Why do people not keep an honest relationship?

There could be a number of reasons behind it but most probably there are two main reasons.

In the first case, people take an association merely as a time pass. They least care about the feelings and emotions of their partner. They can quit at any point and any situation having no concern with how sincerely their partner wants to keep this relation.

In the second case, people become compromising more than enough. They want to live the association either they have to cheat on their partner.

Sometimes people tell a lie just to keep their partner from annoying. Such people hide a number of things just to make a calm atmosphere.

In both cases, the revealing of truth at any stage weakens the connection.

Someone says:

Better to make me angry with the truth than to make happy with a lie.

It means honesty can make a relationship and in research and experience, it’s found that dishonesty most likely could break.

How can you make your partner feel your honesty?

Certain possible ways are there to win the trust of your partner. Some of them are these.

#1. Be true to your own self. If you are not honest with yourself, you can’t be with anyone else. You should be clear about your feelings and desires. If you don’t even understand your exact wishes, needs, your havings, and your shortcomings, you will never be able to disclose them on your partner. But if you do know and accept every reality about yourself, you don’t need to lie. As a result, your relationship will b more durable.

#2. Align Your words and acts. Means you should express your words with your body language and actions. If you express your love and affiliation to your partner, it ought to be displayed through your little acts of love and care about even minor things that can spread smile on your partner’s face. You must love his or her manners and habits. You should appreciate and admire your partner. Your love is abstract which should be reflected concretely.

Beautifully says Stephanie Lahart:

Always say what you mean and mean what you say.

#3. Be open and fair in your responses. Never try to hide your reactions. It may cause difficulty at the spot but becomes very useful for your permanent relationship. Your partner will get acquainted with your likeness and dislikes which creates very easy for the whole life.

#4. Don’t Assume the things in mind. Make the situation transparent clear through communication. Assumptions most probably mislead you and give rise to misunderstandings.

Adopting these qualities will enable you to build up an honest relationship.

However, it’s also necessary to make your partner feel very comfortable, to be honest to you. For example,

  • Accept your partner as a separate being. Undoubtedly, mutual understanding and concerns are important yet everyone has his own personality. You must accept your partner by accepting the individual differences. You must respect his or her point of view and consider his or her suggestions for your betterment and improvement.
  • Accept your partner’s criticism positively. Just as you openly tell your like or dislike, your partner should also be given the right. It will create more understanding between you.

These small acts can win the trust of your partner and it will be a great exposure throughout your life.

To sum up, an honest relationship grows you up spiritually and emotionally. You will feel freedom from the lame excuses and the series of the lies which can damage your relationship at any stage. It gives vulnerability to your relationship. It increases your patience and self-esteem. It gives you patience and socially you become more effective. Because an honest relationship is the base of a peaceful life.

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