How to be a Good Husband to Make Your Life a Bed of Roses

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How to be a good husband Every girl dreams of a life with a perfect husband who will be her prince charming taking her into a magical world of love and romance. She fantasizes an ideal husband who besides being her life partner will also be her best friend possessing all the qualities a girl can dream about. She idealises to get husband’s attention all the time.

To be truthful, it is not only difficult but impossible to find a man possessing all the qualities a wife wishes for. But if a husband tries to incorporate some good qualities in him, he can go a long way in improving his relationship with his wife but will also make his life peaceful and happier.

How to be a perfect husband?

It is definitely not rocket science to be a good husband and keeping your wife happy is certainly not that difficult, if you follow the following tips.

Trust & Understanding:

Trust is the main quality on which all relationships are based. A good husband needs to trust his wife immensely to make their bond stronger.

In fact, both the husband and wife need to be understanding and truthful to each other if they want to make their relationship into a bed of roses.

In case of any misunderstanding, a husband should understand her problems and communicate with her keeping his ego aside.

Always be faithful to your wife:

Faithfulness is the biggest quality in a relationship. Being faithful to each other will help to make your relationship a happy and a long lasting one.

This does not mean that a husband is not allowed to talk to other girls, but he should not lie or cheat on his wife. A wife should be at ease and not suspect the worst when her husband goes for a night out with his friends.

Dependable and supportive:

A good husband should support his wife in good times as well as bad, guiding and supporting her decisions whether personal or professional. If he does not support any decision of his wife could mean that she is not making the right decision and he wants to counsel her.

The wife should also be able to depend on her husband whenever she requires help whether it is just grocery shopping or planning a big event together.

Possess a good sense of humour:

A man with a good of humour is definitely a great asset making his wife laugh all the time and keeping their relationship fresh and healthy.

Sharing jokes and having a good laugh with your better half can be great fun and will help to add some spark to your drab life.

Frankly, all girls love men with a good sense of humour so a good husband is one who can keep his wife in splits of laughter.

Pamper and spend time with your wife:

Women love to be pampered so a husband who pampers his wife can never go wrong. Besides remembering her birthday and anniversary and giving gifts, small gestures like bringing flowers for her occasionally, writing love notes, singing songs and dancing with her favorite tunes can all bring a smile and happiness on her face.

All these actions will make her realize how thoughtful and good a husband you are and can even make her fall for you all over again.

A wife will be quite pleased with you if you spend time with her on a daily basis whether it is going for a walk or jog with her or getting involved in her hobbies as these little things mean a lot to all girls giving them a sense of belonging.

You could even help her with the housework once in a while to take the load off her shoulders.

Be Respectful and a man of Principle:

All women like their husbands to be sweet, endearing and chivalrous. Opening doors for her or pulling out a chair or taking her out for a date, are things all wives appreciate and love.

Being respectful however independent she might be is an act of understanding. Keeping your promises, coming on time or picking up the kids from school are excellent ways to show your respect for her time.

Another way to respect her is to actually listen to what she has to say instead of pretending to do so.

At times your wife too needs a good listener or a shoulder to lean on, so make sure you are there for her.

Never raise your Voice:

A good husband will never raise his voice or physically abuse his wife however bad the circumstances may be. Always keep your cool and reason out with your wife and never let emotions get the better of you.

So what do you do to keep your spouse happy to live an ideal life? What do you do when your spouse is angry? Your tips can be helpful for others to make their lives better. Let us know in the opinion box.

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