How To Deal With an Angry Spouse To Make Marriage Ideal

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Dealing with an angry spouse

Husband wife relationship is the basic unit of society. Future of the next generation depends upon the strength of this marital relationship. In everyday life, We often see the spouses complaining against each other.

A number of issues give rise to these complaints that finally engulf the husband wife relationship.

One of such prime issues in marital relationships is excessive anger. This aggression could be displayed by husbaand or wife in equal ratio.

So let us discuss how this aggression arises and how it could be tackled.

Dealing with an angry wife:

Anger is a very powerful emotion that can ruin the health and happiness of a marital life.

It can have adverse effects on the children and family life as such. Every man wants to live a peaceful life in tranquility with his family but if the wife does not stop criticizing or nagging him all the time, he will naturally be driven away from the home spending more time at work or with friends.

The biggest challenge while living and dealing with an angry wife is to keep from becoming one yourself.

It often happens that when day in and day out you have to deal with a resentful wife, the anger and reactivity of the resentment starts showing and you tend to become someone you are not.

The next step is trying to change your wife if you want to stay in a congenial relationship with her.

Reason’s for your Wife’s Anger:

  1. A wife’s resentment is often a result of seeing herself in an unfair environment. She feels that everyone around her is insensitive to her needs. She is often driven by high standards set by herself or others, so this results in an angry or resentful attitude when she gets offended and disappointed.
  2. An important problem is that Anger and resentment makes the wife put all the blame on the husband as he is the closest to her in the marital relationship.
  3. Narrow or rigid thinking that seems to amplify or magnify all negative aspects of any situation or behavior can lead to anger. There is always a tendency to attribute incompetence and malevolence to those who disagree with her.
  4. Negativity will certainly be communicated and have adverse effects in a close relation between a wife and husband.
  5. If the wife does not receive the sympathy, compassion and understanding she deserves, she will feel betrayed and give vent to her feelings in the form of anger or resentment.
  6. Doing the housework or looking after the children single handed can also be a reason of anger and resentment.

Cooling down an angry Wife:

  • Be patient and give her some time. You can definitely pacify her with your warmth and love. Try to understand the reason for her anger. It might be your actions or just an emotional breakdown.
  • It is very important to keep reminding her that you love her. All a woman really needs is love and security. If she believes you she might cool down and even apologize for her behavior.
  • The most compassionate thing you can do is to treat your wife with value or respect that she deserves in a relationship. It is advisable to become sympathetic and understanding while valuing each other.
  • One good way would be to sit down and talk to her, once she has given vent to her feelings. If you listen to her perspective she might just end up listening to yours too. She might realize her mistake or fault and will soon be smiling with you.
  • With your body language you can convey to her that you agree with the reason of anger and surrender to her. This will definitely help to cool her down.
  • Remind her of all the good times you have had together before and after marriage. Reminding her of your first date or the day you proposed to her will certainly help to melt her down.
  • Take her for a long romantic drive and be at your charming best. Be chivalrous and win her over with your irresistible charm. A tight hug or a kiss also might do the trick.
  • Sometimes saying sorry or apologizing even if it is not your fault will make her realize her mistake. She may forget her arguments and see you in a different light.
  • Make her smile however angry she is with you. Pretty girls look the best when they are smiling. You need to make a genuine effort to have the glint back in her eyes.
  • Although every wife is prone to get upset and irritated with her husband, but as long as this does not happen regularly it can be taken casually.

And same is the case with Angry husband.

Dealing with an angry husband:

Every wife thinks her husband as an ultimate support and security in her life. But when a husband is angry all the time, wife gets frustrated. So a wife needs most effective ways to get husband’s attention.

Reasons for a husband’s anger:

  1. A husband gets angry when his partner desires more than his earning. When a husband is expected to spend more than his income, he feels irritated. A demanding spouse becomes a continuous headache for the husband.This situation finally ends up in aggression.
  2. A husband is offended when his patner is not ready to understand his emotional situation. A spouse when fails to feel and react according to the mood of his partner, it creates resentment and anger. A husband is worried about his business and his patner is insisting to celebrate a candle light dinner could create an undesirable situation which may result in a harsh argue.
  3. Sexual dissatisfaction and unfulfillment is also an important reason for a spouse’s anger. If a husband is not satisfied with sexual life then it cause anger.
  4. A husband may get angry when he is drunk. There may and may not any specific reason that time. So when your husband is drunk, don’t look for the reason but find the solution.

Cooling down an angry husband:

  • Realize the exact economic strength of your partner and accept it wholeheartedly.
  • Keep a deep insight to your partner’s mood.Try to Help out your spouse and encourage him in his bad times. Don’t let him alone in adversity.
  • In a nut shell, Couples often have issues but do not let these bouts of anger to become chronic.
    As this might result in severe problems in your married life.
  • Love and save your relation by giving due respect and importance to your patners.

So, let us know if you have ever tried any of these methods to deal with your angry spouse, how much effective are these? And what else you do to deal with your angry spouse?

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