How To Motivate Your Employees To Increase Staff Productivity

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Motivate your staff and employees

Your staff is your great asset if you want to run a successful business. Your efficiency and will power go unfruitful if your employees are not willing to implement your ideas. Your staff and employees are your real strength.

All other strategies, equipment and techniques are not as important as the effectiveness of your employees.

So the key factor to your success lies in keeping your employees motivated all the time.

Motivate your staff and Build a team:

Having staff makes no difference if you do not build a team. Give each member of your employees the due place and turn it into a team working for a common vision.

Every member of your staff should act as a pillar for your team. A team sharing common goals can easily achieve them rather than the employees working for their individual interests.

A team is always objective and free from biases. All this matter depends upon how you motivate your staff members and how they give their best in the form of a team.

Your team will make you a leader undoubtedly by actualizing your dream.

What is staff motivation:

Now the question may arise what the staff motivation is in real sense? Motivation is the force that moves our staff to do things. This is the result of their individual needs and interests. Fulfilment of these needs makes the staff inspired and they complete the given task enthusiastically and vigilantly.

The efficiency could be judged by the extent to which the motivation increases the standard of their output.

Factors of staff motivation:

No doubt the salaries and wages are a great source of motivation. But in a real sense, there are some other factors too, which are solely responsible for motivation.

For example, the upward movement in ranks, awards and incentives, partnership in policy making and many other steps that increase the honour, dignity and self-esteem of the employees.

In other words, money acts as an extrinsic motivator and the value and self-esteem of an individual in his team and the worth of the individual play the role of intrinsic motivator.

Twyla Dell writes,

The heart of motivation is to give people what they really want most from work. the more you are able to provide what they want, the more you should expect what you really want, namely: productivity, quality and service. ( An Honest Day’s Work, 1988)

So let’s discuss some important factors for motivating employees.

Work  Time balance:

Think for your staff at the human level and give them due vacation according to the casual situations. They can not give the best if they lack the time to relax and regain energy. There must be a balance in their schedules.

All the work and no rest gets the process of success slow down. So always consider employees’ need for a vacation for their health; family or any other matter that may be not important in your view but important for employees’ personal life.

Value staff’s Opinion:

Keep in view the self-respect of the employees. Always show your staff that they make a difference and are valued. Every time in the meeting, whether large or small, encourage your staff members to lead the conversation. They must be appreciated to share their opinions.

Try to consider their ideas; and if they are of worth, must be implemented. Consume their talent. It will work great!

Healthy Atmosphere:

Your workplace should be pleasant and free of boredom.

Not only physically touching to aesthetic sense but psychologically free of negativity, unnecessary competition, social or religious prejudice.

Working in a well facilitated healthy atmosphere enchants the moods of the workers.

Get your Staff involved in your business:

Rather than to keep the facts and figures in secret, it’s better to disclose them.

Your staff should be aware of the achievements and weaknesses of your business. It gets more attention and interest of the employees.

Appreciate your Staff:

You can develop contact with your staff by appreciating them. People love to be applauded.
You can appreciate their dressing, their knowledge, their way of thinking or their hairstyle.

It will make them feel good and more energetic.

Share the joys and sorrows of employees:

Wishing a birthday, congratulating the birth of baby or condoling some accident they met would also make your staff more loyal to you and your business.

It would increase their self-esteem and confidence in you. They will trust you and also would try to keep your trust in themselves.

Advantages of staff motivation:

There are some advantages that should be discussed to understand the value of employees motivation.

Achievement of goals:

Motivation affects the success and achievement of goals to a great extent.

If the employees are not motivated all the time, it will not act as a team.

They will go astray from the way to their goals.
Hence your success would become unattainable.

Positive approach:

Employees motivation gives them a positive approach. They see the things in a healthy perspective and value them according to the requirements of their vision.

Motivation mitigates the individual differences and helps to tolerate the thing to keep the team running smoothly towards the goals.

Create the power to change:

The motivation of the team is greatly helpful to make them agree to amend their attitude towards new things.

It makes the staff ready to accept any new order or policy of Boss wholeheartedly.

Personal development:

Employees motivation helps them in their personal development and growth. They learn to behave as per the demand of your vision.

It helps to make them stick to their goals whether it demands some extra efforts from them.


There are certain barriers that slow down the effectiveness of motivation.

For example, the attitude of employees some times becomes a hurdle. They may have different excuses and denies.

In such a case, we have to put some extra effort by adopting the strategies according to the situation. We have to pinpoint the things for which they are more sensitive. This point of sensitivity could be used for their motivation.

It will work effectively.

Final thoughts:

In a nutshell, we may say that the motivation of staff affects our success both qualitatively and quantitatively.

Our vision primarily relies on our staff. If the staff is motivated all the time, it can actualize our vision. And if the staff is not motivated, it can all end up in ruins.

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