Top Most Reasons For Long Distance Relationships Don’t Work

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long distance relationships don't work

It’s an acknowledged viewpoint that long distance relationships don’t work. And in most of the cases, it’s true though I’m not of this belief. I think long distance relationships can also work if we avoid some situations.

I have sort out some reasons for which long distance relationships don’t work – otherwise, your relation can be safe.

First of all, I want to make it clear for you that relationships mostly depend on your maturity and commitments. If you’re mature enough and committed then the situation will be quite different than the other side.

That’s why according to Ohio State University, it’s said that 82% of the long distance relationships don’t work in college life. Because after college life, when people usually enter into practical life, they prior some other things than long distance relationships.

But if you’re mature enough then your relationship may not work for some reasons that you should avoid to save your relation.

4 reasons for long distance relationships don’t work

Top reasons for which long distance relationships don’t work that I personally examined in my life and the people around me are as follows:

#1. When both didn’t plan for it


Who wants to live distant from a person he/she loves the most? Would you like to live without your special ones? The answer should be BIG NO – if you’re truly in love.

So, in such a situation, if you both are living far from one another but it was your partners wish then you will surely don’t like it. And it can become a reason for failure.

There is an example when your life passion and purpose is to make money that’s not possible here – wherever you were – and your partner thought to go outside to make money. But on the other hand, you were satisfied with your partner with less money but a lot of love, mental and physical satisfaction and security.

Then you both may not understand one another and it may result to fail your relation. But if you take the decision with the consent of you partner, it will not effect your relationship.

#2. When someone is looking for some physical satisfaction

Physical dissatisfaction

When there is a long term distance then there are chances of cheating. Especially, when someone got mad for physical satisfaction. As people can’t make love in long distance relationships that may result in cheating and if you’re living in modern society. It’s definitely gonna result in break up.

To avoid this situation always try to make short tours to meet your partner or at least hire a private investigator team to check out your partner’s mobile phone & computer data.

Meetings not only mean to make love but also to keep a relationship long-lasting – giving time to one another has great importance in our lives. Even gazing and touching your partner may please you. One single kiss for a while can beautify your relationship and keep your love alive.

When there are no meetings at all, it may lower your sensational attachments and it can become a cause of break up or at least a reason to cheating.

#3. When the partner caught a cheating

When partner cheats

Just ask a question to yourself, what do you want from your relationship the most? Surely love and sincerity are the main pillars of a peaceful attachment. When the partner is not sincere with the other one, what’s left behind?

It ruins everything but still, sometimes people are bound to keep the associations. But such associations don’t matter a lot.

Always try to be sincere and true to your partner to have the same in return.

#4. When someone doesn’t give proper time

Communication gap

When your partner is far – you can’t give your partner anything but time. That’s what your partner will be looking for.

But if someone doesn’t give proper time – let’s say is busy while chatting or calling the partner. It won’t boost the emotional association. It may become a duty but won’t blow the inner deep feelings. And later on, this may create a lot of troubles for the relation. Because communication gap yields misunderstandings.

Whenever there is a communication gap surely there are misunderstandings. Both partners can be right on their side but the communication gap will yield misunderstanding that may result in ending relationships.

And whenever people are in a hurry, they don’t prefer understanding and making the scenario good – but they just look for a solution – no matter good or bad. And it usually ends up with a bad solution.

So try to give proper time and communicate clearly to keep your relationship alive.

What else do you think can be a reason for which long distance relationships don’t work?

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