The 5 Biggest Mistakes That Become Regrets At The Deathbed

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mistakes become regrets of the dying

Could there be the one, who doesn’t make mistakes or never regrets?

Maybe no one!

We are not perfect, we make mistakes; all of us regret.

But there are some mistakes that become the biggest regrets of the dying at the deathbed.

Let’s look at the reasons which put people in such critical situations.

The biggest one is economic growth.

Who, the hell doesn’t want economic growth?

All of us want it and strive for it. You will have noticed that the world is making progress by leaps and bounds. The industrial revolution has uplifted the fate of mankind.

In a short while, deserts have transformed into prestigious buildings! Deep forests gave birth to beautiful pleasure points. The muddy trails turned into great highways, and so in every corner of the world.

For the past few decades, skilled workers to business tycoons, everyone has been going richer, still, there is competition more than ever in history.

Like racehorses, we want to beat others, and still, it’s a fact that at the end of life, all of us regret. It’s very possible that this repentance will continue with the race of materialism.

Because, verily, materialism has no relation with inner satisfaction and serenity of mind.

Commonly, it has been noticed that in the endless race of progress, people hope their problems to be ended very soon, and their dreams would have come true, and finally, they would be able to lead a peaceful life.

But the tragedy here is, the problems never get solved, the dreams rarely come true.

Life becomes harder – more struggling – more pathetic.

In all this scenario, people always pursue an illusion, feeling more thirsty – more tired. And the time comes, when people are left behind or they want to get themselves out of the competition, but it’s too late!

When a man turns back, he has nothing left behind. The relations, the moments of joy, even life too, is over!

5 Biggest Regrets of the dying.

Bronnie Ware who was a palliative carer wrote an article in 2009, on the 5 regrets of the dying people and the wishes of dying people were:

  • Regret #1. I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.
  • Regret #2. I wish I hadn’t worked so hard.
  • Regret #3. I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings.
  • Regret #4. I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends.
  • Regret #5. I wish that I had let myself be happier.

Certainly, there are some biggest mistakes that cause this downfall, and we are left with nothing except the regression or regret.

Let us discuss these blunders that make our efforts fruitless.

Mistake #1. Focus on others prosperity.

The conventional division of society on the basis of status gives rise to a conflict between higher and lower class.

Everyone wishes to uplift his status to the next upper class. There is a continuous struggle to move towards higher step.

It’s good if it’s the struggle for survival. But when it becomes an obsession, then it no more than greed and lust.

It’s very pathetic to spend such lusty life; which snatches away the peace of mind. It becomes the biggest regret at the end of life.

Mistake #2. Deficiency of time for our own selves.

Just a few decades back, people used to spare their time for getting together, to share the joys of each other, to pacify the sorrows of each other.

This sharing was very beneficial for them.

They, in this way, could satisfy their inner self – by giving and having time spent with relations, they got a serenity, which is almost finished.

Nowadays, we are just like robots; no leave for us to share each other’s joys and sorrows.

Even we do not care for our illness; we just save money, whatever the situation may be. This self-negation becomes the biggest mistake for our life, and at the end of life, while dying, we miss the moments that remained unseen.

Mistake #3. Wish to create an awesome and wealthy impression on people.

It’s said that travel is the key to good luck. Adopting this policy, a large number of people in developing countries migrate to developed countries to collect more wealth in a short time and then set a business in their own country.

In this way, they could flaunt their achievements.

For this show off, people spend their whole life having not the time to stop and look back to our precious moments that were more important than wealth.

This hollow display of status and wealth is just to impress others.

This ostentatious display makes us sacrifice each and everything just for the sake of “what will people say?

We kill our passions, our feelings, our emotions, merely, to make a towering image before people. We lead a pretentious life and move far away from our instinctive and natural personality.

This fake enamel is washed away with the passage of time and we realise that nothing was there; at the bottom of shallow water, lies nothing!

We’re going to die like an ordinary man; having no pocket in our coffin and no locker in the grave.

This is the mistake that makes people regret the dying.

Mistake #4. Gift of the estate for our next generation rather than time.

Today’s modern and materialistic man thinks that only wealth and status are a success and it could be the best possible gifts for the next generation. He’s so much inspired by this wrong belief that he aims his life at earning wealth by hooks and crooks for the well-being of his children.

He neglects the difference of allowed and prohibited Halal and Haram – good or bad – all the boundaries in whatever the religion are no more than a burden for him.

He wants to get rid of them. He taps his conscience to sleep and thinks more and more plans to accumulate money. He makes his own end insecure just to secure the future of his children.

And the slept conscience is suddenly awakened when these status conscious children send him to a retirement home.

Then the modern man regrets if he had given time and educated his children well, instead of wealth and status.

But now he has nothing in his hands; neither he enjoyed the lovely childhoods of his children nor his children have something to do with his old age.

This mistake becomes the biggest regret of life.

Mistake #5. Lust for wealth – an addiction

Wealth addiction is also an addiction. People can get addicted to it, as they could be with drugs.

Lewis Howes is an American author, entrepreneur and hosts “The School of Greatness, a Podcast”.

He has incredibly described it in the following video.

Wealth addiction never loses his grasp on its victim. Whether the victim is rich or poor.

You may scroll the human history; you will come to know the great names of history fighting and dying for wealth.

Because wealth is the base of power.

“Might is right”, is not for physical strength, here the might is the one who is economically strong.

Even the Nations are strong, not on the basis of their population, they are strong because of their treasury and their exchange storage.

It’s the tragedy of human nature that we give more value to the money than any other thing.

This behaviour makes human beings spoiling
all other aspects of life and society just to increase wealth.

The world is continuously facing wars just for quenching the thirst of the rulers to attain more wealth and gain more power.

At the individual level, also, wealth addiction is the root of a number of social evils like corruption, killings, suppressions, injustice, bribery and many more.

These Social evils are the gifts of the wealth addiction and these evils become the source of so many diseases۔ Our whole society is getting sick due to this addiction.

We cannot deny the importance of money, yet it’s very dangerous to get an overflow with its love.

Many of us become miser due to this addiction. Neither we enjoy the fruits of this wealth nor we allow others to use it for their convenience.

Finally, at the deathbed, all these addicts wish to get another chance to live a peaceful life.

Without that addiction, which crippled their all senses so badly that they were unable to feel the relations, the right and the wrong, and even their own inner self.

How to live life without regrets?

Every one of us, I think, is running a race that ends in nothing more than chaos. Which makes us feel empty and we regret to be a part of this race.

I never opine that we should not struggle for livelihood. Everyone should have to do so, it’s but natural.

A new era of human history has a lot of facilities for earning.

There are a number of new skills to improve our living standards.

But you should never miss your own self.

Always spare sufficient time for yourself and your family, so that you may not lose your value among them.

I believe we must be self-contented.

It’s not a big deal if you have something less than others. It’s no tension if your plate has less quantity or variety of food.

It’s no issue to have an old model of car. It’s not a pity if you have less property; fewer acres of land or fewer dollars for shopping.

As Lewis Howes said,

You count your money because you want to feel Valued. And you buy material things because you want something to hold on to.

But you must understand that your self-worth is not attached to your net worth or material things.

– Lewis Howes

It’s just a materialistic approach to focus your attention on such divisions and multiplications.

It gives us nothing except regression at the end of life.

This chaos engulfs everything – our relations – our time to enjoy the beauties of life – our wealth and even our life.

So let yourself to make some questions if you ever never did it before.

Ask yourself whether it is the life you wish to live? Whether you’re going the way your conscience set for you.

Do you really know what is your passion?

Are you satisfied with your having’s?

If not, you, certainly, will regret at the end of your life.

Start living that life which you actually want to live from today.

Because as Hjalmar Branting said,

It is possible that, in the days ahead, these years we have lived through may eventually be thought of simply as a period of disturbance and regression.

So stop collecting money for the sake of show off because until you chase money you never find happiness.

It will become the biggest regret of your life.

If you won’t face the reality today; if you won’t value yourself and your inner peace you are, definitely, gonna regret like many others.

And when you will realise your mistake at the end of life, life will not give you a single moment extra to lessen your repentance.

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