The Real Secrets To Live A Happy Life.

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Secrets to live a happy life

How to live a happy life – is the question sometimes pinches me a lot.

In fact, the ultimate intention behind every struggle done by humans is to seek Happiness. Every person is in continuous pursuance of the joys; whether they are in his range or not.

In my view, happiness is a pleasant state of mind. It’s the serenity of soul. It’s a feeling of getting an overflow with joy.

Yet it’s a different issue that how do we attain this feeling.

Let us discuss how and why people adopt some specific ways and means to gain happiness. And what factors actually make us live this life happily.

How do we gain happiness?

We often observe people finding happiness in collecting a lot of wealth.

Most people think wealth as a source of happiness.

We seek pleasure in the luxuries of life. We are fascinated by the high earnings of others. We suppose a person living happily if he has great assets.

On the other hand, we suppose someone very unhappy if he has low-income.

In our society, it’s very common to relate happiness with money.

Many times you too would have heard people saying, “he is wealthy enough to make our daughter happy.”

From this preset notion in society, we are compelled to find out the exact relation of money with happiness.

Does wealth give happiness?

We can’t directly answer this question. Because if we believe that happiness is only dependable on wealth, then how do poor laugh? Don’t they live a happy life?

Yes, they do.

But, on the other, this research says that with higher income as you have more probability to buy your favourite things, to do the things you want to do, there are a bit more chances that you will be a bit happier than anyone else.

Actually, wealth provides luxuries and facilities. These facilities bring ease in life. This easiness can produce peace of mind and relaxation in life; and when we are at ease physically, we feel happy.

So we can suppose that happiness is physical relief.

Does happiness roots in physical relief?

To answer this question, just have a minor look at your surroundings.

Sort out the people around you whom you suppose to be happy.

If you have an unbiased vision, you will conclude that many people having lesser income, lesser facilities and a leading a harder life are happier than you.

For example, many people working as servants under you, appear to be happier than you. often, the maids working in the home look happier than the landlady.

After seeing such examples, you will honestly affirm that happiness is least connected with physical ease and leisure.

Then what could be the possible link of happiness with wealth?

Perhaps it’s the pelf, power and status rendered by money that makes one feel overjoyed.

Do status and power give happiness?

Of course, it’s a great feeling to be in power. To be superior is like a blessing. It certainly makes humans feel like someone extraordinary.

We, as human beings, love to be in a powerful position, to rule and to be obeyed.

Yet the power and position aren’t the guarantees of inward pleasure.

We always see the great men living always unhappy, always in the struggle of ” more”. This wish for more and more never let them feel happy and blessed.

On the other hand, we see the common men enjoying all the available joys.

Mostly the people having a low rank in society live more peacefully and happily.

It certainly means that power, that can never stay within a single hand, could give only a temporary honour and delight. It makes us more coward and more unpleased. It couldn’t give us real happiness.

So there must be something else that can make us happy.

The real link of wealth with happiness.

Keeping in view the importance of wealth for happiness, we finally can assume that real happiness is not in having money.

Life is about making an impact, not making an income.
– Kevin Kruse

It actually is hidden in spending money. Whether you spend it for your own ease or for the ease of others, it is delightful.

It is the top first secret to live happily in this world.

But the balance of society depends upon the money spent by the rich. It is always awesome to be a giving hand.

Whenever you utilize your income, it fills you with a type of ebriety. If a person tries to avoid spending money, he gets overwhelmed with its lust. He neither purchases happiness for his own self nor is able to make others happy.

You may be surprised to read about purchasing happiness.

Yes, it is true. happiness can be purchased if you spend the money.

Make your money inflow so that it may be returned to you in the form of delight and joy.

How pleasant it would be to fulfil the needs of some needy!

The brightness of the face of someone you made the smile with your money, fills up your heart with ecstasy.

Love humanity and not the currency notes. It is the formula of a happy life.

However, besides this, there are some other secrets too.

Secrets to living a happy life.

Let’s try to uncover some other secrets that can make your life happier more than ever.

Self Contentment:

Could there be a person who possesses each and everything in life?

Not at all.

Such a person never exists in the world. All of us are in want of something.

If a person is wealthy, he may not bear children. If someone has progeny, maybe his income is very low.

If one has got good health, maybe he lacks the time to spend with friends.

And maybe one who has leisure has no true friend.

Maybe you have a lot of abilities but lack confidence. It’s very possible that you are confident but find no chance to change your fate.

Maybe you are an excellent mind but a so so personality. It may happen that you do have a charming personality but you are proud.

So it is very natural that we all have some lacking and shortcomings.

Our real victory is to overcome our shortcomings.

Yet there are certain things we can never change.

In this condition, we have to own our deprivations open heartedly.

  • We should focus on our havings.
  • We should realize and emphasize the blessings we have got.
  • We should be brave enough to accept ourselves as we are.
  • We should not think over the things which are not for us.
  • To some extent, it’s necessary to improve our living standard.

Yet we should not get an obsession with it.

In the try to achieve what is not ours, we should not ignore what we have with us.

Here the real happiness lies.

Always feel contented. Be thankful for what you have. It’s a great secret of a happy life.

Share the sorrows of others:

It’s another secret of happiness.

Be a helping hand. Wipe away the tears of others. Be generous enough to pardon others for their mistakes.

In this way, you can lessen the burden of others heart.

It’s true that the real pain only could be felt by the one who is suffering it. But it’s also possible to show empathy to others.

Make others relief their griefs before you. And help them as far as possible.

It never goes unrewarded.

You’re in turn rightful to the inner peace and delight.

It’s a natural process. As you clean up the ways for others; so as you find your ways cleaned up.

Make life easy for others. You will your life easier too. Don’t be rigid for your self-made rules. Break them up for the sake of humanity.

You will feel your self more delightful and calmer inwardly.

It adds up your happiness a hundred times.

Share your joys with others:

Man is a social animal. He can never exist alone. He has to share his feelings with others. So it’s a great thing to have a habit to share your joys with others.

In fact when we are happy; the radiations of happiness always transmit to others. It creates a delight in the surrounding.

So never try to hide your delights; whether they are little or great.

Dividing happiness is actually multiplying it.

For example, you got a new house and you celebrate your achievement with your family and friends.

It will make you happier than the condition when you don’t celebrate it.

Just imagine a wedding ceremony without the involvement of family and friends. No doubt it would be very boring.

Similarly, your joys are limited when you do not share them. And they become great when you celebrate it with people.

So sharing of your minor delights make them great.

It makes your life more delightful and more ecstatic.

Be Natural:

Superficiality and Artificiality are the gifts of this age. Purity has gone to an end due to this materialistic era.

That is the reason for today’s overburdened and deeper life.

We rarely find natural and pure behaviours. It seems as if there were a famine of sincerity among people. We feel as if everyone has disguised in superficiality.

In such a frustrated state how one can feel the ebriety of real happiness.

So there is only one way that is to be natural.

Believe me, you can never be easy unless you are dressed up according to your nature. You can least enjoy life if you do not behave naturally.

Superficiality gives us nothing except false status. But we can never escape from our nature.

You may observe people in some gatherings. They act artificially just to keep themselves up before people. But it’s obvious that they feel a mental relief when they act naturally.

So to live a happy life, stop pretending.

Always live in your natural personality. Never try to disguise in the mask of artificiality. Face the world in your own purity. Never try to pretend what you can’t be.

No doubt, you are special in your own way. You have no need to copy or follow others.

Because everyone has his own personality code. What suits others may not suit you.

Never think what will people say.

Obviously, they have nothing to do with you. They will accept you if you yourself accept you.

So love yourself for what you are.

Remove the artificial shells over your natural personality. Appear what you are and make others appreciate you for being you.

It’s a great way to live happy always.

Positive Thinking and Attitude:

Positivity always makes us happy.

When you develop a sense of positivity, you judge people and situations in a fine way. You keep in view the risks yet hopeful for the good. This positive approach makes you complaining less about people and things.

It makes you a lucky person.

Your ability to take matters positively makes you strong enough to bring about the positive changes in the situations. A number of issues could be set right through a positive way of thinking.

It makes you happy and smiling most of the time.

Forget the worse; Recall the sweet:

It’s another secret to being happy.

Memories are a part of our lives. But we should check them out.

We should cut out the bad memories from the book of our past. We least recollect them. They snatch away the beauty of life.

So you should avoid remembering the painful moments.

When such memories come to your mind, make yourself busy in doing something productive and try to recall the happy moments you spent ever.

Recollection of happy moments leaves a positive impact on your mood.

So try to forget the worse and Recall the beautiful moments of joy If you do not want to spoil your mood.

Live in Present:

It’s a great secret to live happily.

Enjoy the present moment. Past is not going to return and future is improbable.

So never waste your time to ponder over them. Try to enjoy every available moment.

If you value the present; it will be sufficient to stay happy.

Every moment that is passing, is becoming a part of the past. It will never come again.

So try to live it ambitiously and make it memorable. So that its recollection makes you smile every time.

Value humanity:

Another secret to living happily is to value the “people”, not the “things”.

Every person in your life, maybe your blood relation or not, occupies a place in your life. You just have to give them the right place.

Neither more Nor less. Give the just place and value to the people.

It will add a lot to your value among people. And Hence you will feel happy.

On the other hand, if you do not value the people, you can never get it from them.

As a result, you will be depressed and worried. Because we have to survive within the society. We can’t walk too long if we are lonely. You must have to appreciate others to get appreciation.

It means you have to give value to your relations as well as other people around you. Your family, your friends, your relatives, your colleagues, and even your foes, all need proper care and attention.

This will make a happy company for you which would be encouraging all the time.

Adopt a Hobby:

It is also a secret to being happy.

Some people adopt their favourite job as their profession. But not all the people could do it. Nor all the hobbies could be suitable as a successful business.

So they should do it in their leisure.

You must spare time for the thing by doing which you get energy and enthusiasm.

Some people like gardening. Some listen to music. Some read and write. Some like a painting. Some like tours. Swimming; playing; eating your favourite dish etc.

Each and Everything that can add beauty to your spare time must be done.

It satisfies your inner and you feel happiness and serenity.

Final thoughts:

It’s very obvious that life is mortal. At any moment it may come to an end. We should not live it in grieves and worries.

What is planned by nature will certainly be executed by nature.

It would happen finally.

So what should we do is all that stop wasting the blessing of life which is continuously slipping out of our hands like sand.

Adopt all the above-mentioned secrets and live it happily.

Must share the secrets you find useful to live the life happily.

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