3 Steps Simple Formula To Improve Any Field Of Life

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Improve yourself

There is always room for improvement. Theory of evolution is parallel to the improvement. People always try to improve for their betterment and to avail the best opportunities in life. For this betterment, is there anything you want to improve in your life? Certainly, you have a lot of areas to improve.

Whatever the area is, there is a 3 steps formula that can help you grow in any field of life. Whether you want to achieve some goals or you want to work on your self-growth. This technique is effective in all fields of life.

Either you’re a student and you want to improve your studies, or you want to grow your business, maybe you’re worried about your finances or you want to lose weight. Whatever your goal is, you can apply this simple formula to get the best results you can ever imagine.

This simple method has only 3 steps to follow.

Step #1. Measure your current position:

Until you don’t measure where do you stand l, it will be of great difficulty to improve. Most of the people forget the value of measuring the position. Most of them believe it as an optional or unnecessary step and they don’t consider it worthwhile. But the truth is it’s equally important that all others.

If you don’t your current position what will be your reference point to measure improvements? Definitely, there should be a reference point from where you can notice your movements towards success.

Now, when you want to lose weight you must notice how much overweight you’re?

When you want to improve your finances, then you should consider your current finances and sources of income you have. Otherwise, you can’t come to know how much improvements fo you require.

Step #2. Be specific about your goals:

Be specific and focused

What exactly do you want to achieve? Can you please be specific? Because if you don’t focus on what do you want in your life, you can’t measure it and hence your efforts will never satisfy you.

It’s also called setting SMART goals. Setting SMART goals is one of the finest ways to achieve goals. Successful people and even successful companies set SMART goals because it’s our nature that we perform better when we have a specific idea of what do we want to achieve.

If you’re about to improve your finances, how much do you want to improve? You should be specific about it. As you have exact data of your current situation, let’s say you were making yearly X amount of money and now you should be clear that you have to make Y amount in the following year. Let’s say you were making $10000 per year and now you want to make $50000 per year.

If you don’t be specific, in short, if you don’t set SMART goals then, most probably, you will never achieve your goals.

Step #3. Learn from the experts:

Learn from experts

What do you want to achieve? You might have different goals to achieve. And it’s possible that each goal has its own unique field of life.

If it’s not your case, then maybe, different people have different goals. Some people want to make money, some are worried about their relationships, a few have health goals. All of these are quite different. Do you prefer to learn about all these goals from a single expert? Or maybe not even an expert?

Both cases will ruin your efforts and time.
When you’re clear about your goals then you should find a person who has already achieved that position so that the person could teach you, what’s the path that will lead you to that point where you want to see yourself.

For example, when you want to make money from Instagram then probably you need to learn from an expert who is making money on Instagram with a few followers.

Look, no one else can better inform you about something than someone who has experienced it. Isn’t it?

So, if you’re interested to make fewer mistakes and achieve your goals faster then you must consult with an expert of that field.

Let me know if there is something that you want to improve and this formula doesn’t work. Maybe, there is nothing like that, whatever you want to improve in your life this simple and short formula will help you out.

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