Why Do People Cheat? 7 Reasons For Infidelity

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Why do people cheat

Why do people cheat? There is a wide list of things that causes infidelity. But I have some most genuine reasons for infidelity that will astonish you but will force you to accept them to be true.

Most of the people use to believe that the topmost reason for cheating is lust whether it is sexual or materialistic. Actually, that’s not true in most of the cases.

If you have been in a relationship ever, then you can easily understand why do people cheat. Because whoever is in a relationship suffers a little bit of the situations that cause infidelity. That’s why I strongly believe that all of us know at least a few of the reasons that let people cheat.

What is Infidelity?

Definition of infidelity and cheating

Before proceeding to the reasons for cheating. You should know what lies under the term “cheating” and what doesn’t.

In fact, every relationship has its boundaries and whenever someone crosses that boundary it’s cheating.

Let’s say you have a boyfriend or girlfriend or maybe you’re married so your supposed boundaries can be, your honesty in the relationship. You can’t have an intimate relationship with other guys.

I strongly believe that only actions don’t make a decision of infidelity. Actually, our thoughts and feelings can decide either action was infidelity or not.

Let’s say, you’re in a relationship – it can be a girlfriend-boyfriend or a husband-wife relationship. You in routine talk to your opposite-sex colleague that’s fair. You don’t feel any personal attachment. Your eyes colors don’t change. But someday, you felt some change in your sensations and your eyes sparkled with a glow. There must be something wrong in your mind otherwise it was a routine day. It means you’re near to cheating now. You can call it infidelity.

Reasons for infidelity:

Now let’s explore some genuine reasons for infidelity.

Topmost reason for infidelity

According to different researches published, there is a huge list of the things that can cause cheating but summing up all the reasons for infidelity, you can say that it’s emotional or physical dissatisfaction from a relationship that convinces people to cheat.

And there are some reasons that create emotional or physical dissatisfaction. Some of the most important reasons that let people cheat on are.

Reason #1. Ego

Ego is a reason of cheating

Whenever you quarrel the most with your partner, most probably the reason may be egoism. When do you have conflicts the most?

If you look deep inside the matter it’s the ego that creates conflicts and you quarrel.

Just look into your own matters. Your relationships with your friend, your spouse or any other partner – are in danger whenever you have some ego issues between you.

If your partner is stuck on some matter and isn’t elastic at all in the matter – you will find ego active between both you. You both will be thinking less about whatever good things you have done for each other and more about the faults your partner ever made.

It’s the ego that aroused the sensation of being alone and you will try to find someone else to complete you.

Long story short, your ego is the main cause that makes you blind of the goodness of your partner and you remember all the faults of your partner (even your partner never made).

Hence it will cause cheating on your partner.

Reason #2. Carelessness and loneliness

When do you feel loneliness the most? It’s the time your partner isn’t attentive to you and you feel your partner’s carelessness.

All of us love to be loved and taking care is one of the finest experiences we people ever made. Whenever you care for someone – no matter how little – it will create a strong bonding among you.

It’s working in the relations. If you give some extra care to anybody it must create some soft feelings in that person.

Leil Lowndes in the book “How to talk to anyone – 92 little tricks for big success in relationships” has said that even when you listen to someone more carefully and you focus more when someone is talking as compared to all others. It will be a great trick to build bonding among you.

So after having a strong relationship when you don’t give attention and care to your partner, your partner will feel lonely (that’s called autophobia) and your partner will try to find some way to feel fulfilled.

In such a case, there are maximum chances that the person will cheat.

Reason #3. Opportunities

Opportunity causes cheating

If you ask me to give a short and brief answer to why do people cheat in a relationship? I would say, people, cheat when they have some dissatisfaction in mind and they find an opportunity to complete it.

If someone doesn’t have an opportunity the person may feel empty and lonely but most probably the person won’t try to cheat. Here I mean to say that in most of the cases I have found around me – people don’t try to cheat until they find a vivid appealing opportunity.

So if a lady wants to know why do men cheat? The answer is simple. Because men have more opportunities. If a man wants to know why do women cheat? I’m sure that women cheat when they have some strong attraction to an opportunity.

It’s an opportunity in both cases.

Reason #4. Atelophobia

The fear of being imperfect sometimes becomes the cause of infidelity. This fear is called Atelophobia.

Those who suffer atelophobia have some great emptiness inside them. They are afraid of everything. They don’t want to talk about perfection because inside them they have pain for not being perfect. They don’t want to believe that nothing is perfect and thus they aren’t.

Such people – whenever they are disrespected – they find a great thirst for being loved and cared about. They want to be the center of someone’s thoughts. And if it’s not their partner then there must be someone else. Hence it will become a cause of infidelity.

Reason #5. Lack of interest

Whenever we start a relationship we have a strong attraction on both sides. We have a feeling of deep love inside us. we can’t even imagine life without each other. We start our day with someone’s romantic smile or a text message. We have a great wish to end our day together – somehow.

The whole day isn’t enough for gossips. We use to feel that the days are short and are running faster than ever. We want this life never ends.

Then suddenly something happens – especially with intimate relationships or maybe in long-distance relationships. We feel bored with our partner. We want something more interesting – something new and that not there.

In such a case, you won’t tell your partner about the situation because you don’t want to hurt your partner. If it’s not a husband-wife relationship then you may have some guilt of the moments that are not letting you quit this time. You wish that if you have not promised to be loyal – you may quit today. But you forget that without interest you can’t get the association working.

This lack of interest becomes a cause of infidelity.

Reason #6. It’s all about fun

Sometimes it happens that you’re in deep love with someone. Actually, if you’re in a relationship and you feel a true love then you may also suffer this situation someday. Either you have a great love for someone it doesn’t mean you won’t have a relationship with someone else.

You may have some good friends if opposite sex – you can be frank with them. You can also share your personal life with such friends.

And if you do, you may have a chance to spend time together alone. Such situations can astray you and you may make a mistake to become guilty on.

It’s something like having an opportunity but in this case it’s all about fun. You had not something preplanned. You were not willing to cheat on your partner. But the fun convinced you to make such mistakes.

Reason #7. They find harmony with someone else

If someone is loving a human being they must be different at least on some matters. Because both have different life exposures and then both will have different approaches.

Both may have quite different goals. Actually having a different approach and different goals don’t mean they can’t love one other. It can become like a magnet. And both can have a strong attraction for one other. But if one of them finds someone with his/her goals and approach. It works like the other attraction of being affirmed.

In such a case, if they spend more time together and they explore themselves more and more. It can be a case of infidelity.

Feel free to share if you know why do people cheat and you observe some other reason behind the infidelity.

If you’re sure your partner is cheating then I highly recommend to hire a pi for private investigations and give you evidence.

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