When And Why You Must Unlearn What You Have Learned

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You must unlearn what you have learned

Just unlearn the already learnt if you really want to improve. While working on your self-improvements the most important thing that decides your degree of success, is that either you start with unlearning what you have already learned or not.

If you unlearn what you have already learned it means you will improve yourself more than you can ever imagine.

Why unlearning is important?

Do you know why you must unlearn what you have already learned? You might be curious to know while working on your self-improvement why you should unlearn what you have already learned? It’s essential because if you don’t start with unlearning you won’t be able to accept many things that will be against your belief system.

I can give you a quite simple example that will explain why it’s so much essential.

Let’s say someone – maybe your spouse or boyfriend or girlfriend – who has already cheated on you – wants to improve the relationship with you. And now you’re willing to improve your relationships with that person.

How easy do you find it if you keep in mind that this person has already cheated on you? Will you really become best at your association? I really don’t think so.

If you have in your mind that someone is a cheater – although the person has changed – you won’t trust that person.

So when you’re willing to improve your relationship with the person. What’s the first step? The first step is to unlearn what you have already learned.

When you should unlearn what you have learned?

It’s also one of the most important questions that when you should start with unlearning? The answer is, whatever areas you want to improve in your life, it’s essential to start with unlearning.

Here is the other example that can help you understand the importance of unlearning.

It doesn’t matter which area you want to improve. If you are working on your improvements, maybe, financial, personal or interpersonal whatever that is – if you don’t forget your previous knowledge you won’t believe in the next step. If your previous knowledge tells you that something isn’t possible in your situations, how can you improve?

Let’s say you want to get rich in your own circumstances. I know it’s difficult for the majority. Do you think it’s not easy in your situations? If you think so it means your previous knowledge is the root cause that isn’t letting you become rich. Because if you improve your financial knowledge you can get rich in your own situations. If you want to be financially free, you just need to follow them.

Let’s say you agreed to me and you studied the articles that I usually write on being rich or you read books which made millions rich and from which I extracted the knowledge. You won’t believe them. You will suppose them to be fictitious and tell yourself that the writer doesn’t know your situations. Actually, this is the previous knowledge that isn’t letting you be rich.

So if you really want to improve something in your life the first most important step is to unlearn what you already have learned.

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