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Deidre Holtz

Deidre Holtz was born and raised in New York City and she graduated from Colombia University, where she earned a degree in English literature and a minor in business. After graduation, she began her career as a freelance journalist, writing for a variety of publications and websites. Deidre is known for her in-depth reporting on a wide range of business and financial topics. Throughout her career, she has covered a wide range of subjects, including the latest trends in technology, finance, and business.

Venture Philanthropist Bo Parfet’s 5 Proven Rules to Boost Customer Satisfaction

There’s no question that striving to maximize and maintain customer satisfaction should be a top priority for any business hoping to maximize and maintain...

Carlos Beirao da Veiga, Others, Underscore Content Marketing’s Continued Importance

Sprinkling high-quality content across the internet continues to benefit businesses that understand potential customers seek specificity, value, and authority on social media platforms, websites,...

Why Custom Foundation Boxes Are An Absolute Necessity 

Every woman has at least one foundation in her makeup bag at all times. They typically come packaged in elegantly crafted and uniquely designed...

Benefits of ideal bundling solution for your Tinctures and oils

There are various kinds of products available in the market. Packaging brands are offering various box styles for the presentation of your different kinds...

Prenatal Paternity DNA Test and its detailed analysis

If you are pregnant, you should know that there is prenatal paternity testing that can be performed during the pregnancy. These NIPP testing services can help you answer...

How can you improve your SEO using a VPN?

Using a VPN can enhance your SEO strategy and keep your data secure. It gives you access to the organic search engine results page...

Quran Reading Online for Kids with Tajweed

Quran is the expression of Allah. The development it has, and the significance it conveys are unequalled and not to be tracked down in...


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