Copywriter + Short Story Writer + SEO = Massive Conversions

Hire a freelance copywriter + SEO

Who doesn’t wish to grow? Who doesn’t want conversions?

It’s the biggest dream of every business – physical or online. And it’s a fact that there is always some space to grow. There is no peak; there is still something you can learn new.

As you read something creative or meet someone creative, most probably, you will get new ideas & great opportunities.

The world is changing now. It’s a digital era. Especially, as the Coronavirus will end, we all will be habitual of not letting go out of the home.

Here is the proof,

Traffic change due to Corona Virus

Cloudflare notices a massive increase, and it’s still going up.

What does it mean?

It means all businesses will undoubtedly be online in the world.

The competition will be higher than ever because more people will be online & there will be more opportunities.

What should you do now?

It’s an excellent time to take advantage of the time. If you’re not online, either you’re a business or a freelancer, then it’s a great time to serve online; otherwise, maybe your survival will be difficult in the upcoming days, not that much bard, but there will be fewer opportunities to grow without an online presence.

But there is a problem that you might face in the upcoming days.

As there will be more opportunities, people will eventually be quality conscious. Maybe, the conversion rate of direct Ads that’s on average, 4.02% will be even lesser.

What will work in that case?

Content that could change someone’s mind. It’s not just your product but an educational content that converts. That’s copywriting.

Even today, the conversion rate of educational content is much higher than Adwords.

How can I help you with all that?

Luckily, I’m story writer + content writer + copywriter + SEO.

Eric Edmaedes (entrepreneur and a coach) claims that people remember things far better when you can tell them in stories. And undoubtedly, a content ranks on Google when it’s SEO optimized.

I usually write fully optimized content that not only get rankings on Google but also convert converts.

My blog is an undeniable proof of my efforts. You can study my articles to decide either you should hire me or not. I don’t mind that.

How can you work with me?

They are multiple ways by which we can work together. I can be either be your freelance writer or brand ambassador.

Hire as a freelance copywriter

You can hire me as a copywriter for your business. I will write content for your business, and you can publish it anywhere.

Although, in that case, I suggest you publish that content on your blog. Because I’m a little expensive, and that content can be your real asset.

There is a far better opportunity than just hiring a freelance copywriter. Let me create dedicated pages for your business or my blog.

It’s a great opportunity if you’re new and can’t invest in Adwords campaigns. In that case, I will help you drive traffic to your business.

You can call it mutual benefits sponsored posts.

Make a sponsored (guest) post

Although it’s not essential to make such a deal, we simply publish your pre-written content if that suits our blog.

You can contact us for making a sponsored (guest) post under relationships, productivity, or business categories.

Explore my portfolio as a copywriter first

I’m not sure about your interests; that’s why I can’t guess what kind of stuff will please you.

That’s why I’m making a list of my articles from different categories.

Category: Relationships:

The following articles from relationships can be good examples of converting content.

  1. How to catch a cheating spouse
  2. How to get your husband’s attention
  3. How to impress your wife

Category: Money Or Business

  1. Make money with Instagram
  2. Get a free domain with Hostgator

Category: Reviews

  1. Flexispy Reviews

After analyzing all that, once you decide to hire me as a copywriter for your business or mutual benefits partner, you can use this contact form to reach me or use our contact us page,