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3 Signs You have Outgrown Your Current IT

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Every business has its own unique needs, but there are certain telltale signs that your business needs to upgrade the software it uses.

1. Can’t keep up with demands

The demands of your business have grown beyond the limits of what you can accomplish with in-house staff, or at least it feels that way. You need a team of individuals who are more in tune with the latest technologies and updates in order to stay competitive. The constant pressure to maintain your edge is growing too much for even an extra set of hands to take on, and the only option is to go outside for help.

2. Outdated software

The technology your company needs is outdated, and you need a new system that will offer better service and higher efficiency than what you currently have in place. After all, if your current business systems aren’t working, they’re holding you back. If you’re not able to keep up with your day-to-day tasks, it’s time to find a new system that will.

3. Can not meet needs

The company you are currently working with simply cannot provide what your business needs . You need an IT solution that can adapt to the changing nature of your company, and one that is ready to keep up with the demands of a growing business. The only answer is to find a new partner in IT who can provide an all-round better service at a fraction of the cost.

Businesses that have outlived their current IT are in need of either modern advancements in technology or perhaps an entirely new system able to handle the growing needs of a business. If you’re finding yourself in this situation, the only solution is to find a new partner for your company’s IT needs that can provide all-round better service at a fraction of the cost. This way you will avoid any downtime and will be equipped to handle your next project with ease.

Why Your Company Needs Tailor Made IT Services


You may think that your company is too small or does not have enough money to justify the cost of hiring a full-time IT employee. Well let me tell you why this is false.

It takes 100+ hours per year for your employees to resolve simple issues such as password resets and printer configuration on their own. That’s how much time it would take for the hourly wage of the IT employee to equal out.

Now over a course of 4 years, that can easily be an extra full-time salary tacked onto your payroll that you didn’t plan for. So why do this to yourself? That’s like hiring two employees but only having one work for you at any given time.

Custom IT service and consulting puts a lot of weight on those who would be responsible for the tasks you now give up to technology support. So now they can devote their full-time efforts towards achieving company goals and bettering your business as a whole. A dedicated resource means increased opportunities for revenue generation, cost reduction, efficiency improvement and more.

Custom IT Services is the best route if you want to benefit from an outsourced model while staying in control of your infrastructure. This way you have one point of contact, so your business won’t be left in the dark when it comes to technology support or maintenance. Basically all you would have to do is provide some time for meetings with them and allow them to do what they were assigned to do. Be sure to let them know of any upcoming changes or updates you will be making ahead of time, so there is no miscommunication and both parties are on the same page.

The number one thing I recommend if you decide to go with a service like this is to make sure whoever you go with has a solid prior work history and references you can look into. While this doesn’t mean they won’t let you down, it does mean that there is more accountability on their end. You wouldn’t want to hire someone who’s never done the job before or not know where to put your faith in them for being great at what they do.

At the end of it all, you will be glad you made this decision if you are constantly working with technology. You don’t want to constantly worry about technology breaking down or having performance issues when it’s your main source of revenue generation. To not take advantage of IT services is to not let someone else do what they’re good at while you do what you’re good at. And that’s not what business is about.

Why Your IT Team Matters Just as Much as Your Technology

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Would you be able to exist without information technology, whether it’s your computer or phone? As information technology becomes more advanced and companies start using software and applications to help run their business model, information technology is becoming more and more important. Without information technology as we know it now, the world as we know it would collapse.

We’re not talking about information technology meaning your computer. Information technology means more than that; information technology is the people who run the programs on those computers that keep everything running smoothly. If information technologists didn’t exist and maintain these programs and systems, nothing would work right. And if they couldn’t figure out how to fix a problem on hand…well, hand in hand with information technology comes information security. Without information security, information technology is essentially useless. No information technologist wants to be responsible for causing a cyber attack because they didn’t keep the system up to date with anti-virus and malware protection.

Information technology is crucial to business now that everything can be done at a click of a button. The information technologists themselves aren’t as visible as other employees in the office, but it’s information technologists who make sure everyone else has all of their information accessible when they need it, whether building a presentation or doing market research. And information technologists work tirelessly behind the scenes without much recognition from others in order to keep those programs running smoothly. No matter how much coding needs to be written and what sort of permissions changes need to be made, information technology is there. Information technologists are integral to the world now more than ever with information technology making its way further into our society. Information technologists make sure that information stays safe and secure for everyone else

In short, information technology has become just as important as all of our information, whether that information lives in files on a server or on your desktop computer at home. And information technologists need to be just as valued by business owners because they’re doing everything they can to keep everyone’s information accessible no matter what the circumstance. Without technological advances thanks to information technology, we’d still be stuck writing things out with pens and pencils instead of turning words into pixels on a screen with beautiful fonts for people to read through quickly and easily. So, information technology team? They’re worth just as much as information itself. 

3 Ways To Stay Productive During Quarantine

3 Ways To Stay Productive During Quarantine

If you find yourself in a situation where you have to quarantine due to local guidelines or a positive test result or exposure, you may be wondering what to do with your time in isolation. It can be easy to fall into a pattern of laziness when you’re stuck at home away from other people, but you don’t want to stop being productive in business or in your personal life. Here are 3 tips to help you stay productive during quarantine.

Pick Up A New Hobby

If you aren’t able to do your work from home or are still feeling like you need extra ways to occupy your time, try picking up a new hobby. Learning how to play the guitar, teaching yourself to code, or picking up gardening can be a really great way to pass the time and you will also come out of quarantine with a new sense of confidence in yourself, and possibly a brand new passion!

Who knows, the hobby you pick up may end up being your favorite thing to do, and could even turn into a career for you down the road. Plus, it is really good for your mental health when you feel like you are doing something with yourself rather than just laying around and wasting precious time.

Work From Home

No matter what type of work you do, there is likely something you can do to work from home in some capacity, whether it’s sending emails, making phone calls, organizing documents, or doing research. As long as you have a computer and internet connection, you may be surprised at how much you can get done.

The trick here is to make sure that you set guidelines for yourself. Have a certain area of your home that is your designated work space and separate from any areas you go to relax. This will help you to stay more productive and not get off track when working from home, and getting a lot done will also make your time in quarantine pass quicker.

Clean Your Home

One of the most common complaints among people with busy lives is that their homes are always messy and they never have time to clean. If this sounds like you, use your time at home to clean, organize, and refresh.

Having an organized space will free your mind and help your stress levels, even once you return to work and social commitments.

Productivity is important both in work and at home, and that remains true regardless of whatever is going on in the world. If you are forced to stay home, help yourself to be productive by using these tips!

3 Tips To Increase Your Teenager’s Productivity

3 Tips To Increase Your Teenager’s Productivity

Parenting a teenager can be a totally different experience than parenting a young child, and this can be challenging as well as stressful. There are lots of new things you’ll have to deal with once your kids reach their teenage years, and learning to navigate this isn’t always easy.

One issue that many parents of teenagers have to deal with is low levels of productivity both in their personal lives at home as well as at school. This is a very common problem, but luckily there is a lot you can do to deal with it and help your child.

Here are 3 tips to help you increase your teenager’s productivity.

Hire A Tutor

If productivity at school is your teen’s biggest problem, hiring a tutor in the subject(s) they are struggling with may really be able to help you solve this. Try researching tutors in your area online or asking your child’s school if they have any recommendations. They may even offer an after school tutoring program. You can also talk to other local parents to see if they have any tutors they like, or you may be able to set up peer tutoring if there are other students who excel in the subjects your child does not.

Have Repercussions

Being productive at home on housework, chores, and homework is important but something that a lot of teens struggle with. Just like anything else you expect them to do, if your teens don’t do what you ask of them there should be repercussions of some sort. For example, if you ask them to accomplish a certain level of productivity and they fail to do so, you shouldn’t allow them to go out with their friends that night. Don’t implement strict punishments but instead consequences for not following through with the productivity goals that they agree to.

Lead By Example

Leading by example and being a very productive person yourself is an excellent way to set an example for your teenage children. If they perceive you as lazy, they will feel like it’s OK for them to be lazy too. You cannot expect your teens to be productive all the time if you don’t lead by example, so show your kids exactly how you would like them to behave by setting a good example for them.

Getting your teenagers to increase their levels of productivity might be hard, but it will be worth it to have your children grow up to be well rounded and productive members of society. Learning how to be productive at home and at school while they’re still young will ensure that they’ll be productive in business and other areas of life later on. Try the above tips to see if they can help you and your teen.

How Often Should I Check in on My Storage Unit?


When storing things in a storage unit, people sometimes forget about their items as time passes. To avoid storage loss or damage, storage users should check on storage units every so often. Some storage facilities allow storage users to pay for an additional monthly storage unit inspection, which may include opening up the storage unit doors and checking on the storage unit’s status. In this article, you will find out how often storage users need to check their storage unit.

Check For Any Damages

When storage units are full, storage users are unable to see if there is any storage damage. For example, bugs can get into stored goods or tape can come off, allowing water in. Therefore, storage units should be checked once every few months to ensure that there’s no storage damage.

Check Storage Unit’s Security

Storage units in storage facilities should have a sturdy door and storage windows, so storage users should check to see that the storage facility is holding up. If not, then storage users may want to move their items into another storage unit or cancel their storage unit rental to prevent theft of their belongings.

Check Storage Unit’s Temperature

Since storage units are airtight, the storage unit temperature can go up or down. Storage users should check storage unit temperatures often to see that their belongings aren’t being damaged by extreme hot or cold temperatures. When checking storage unit temperatures, storage users should ensure that the temperature inside the storage unit is as close to storage unit temperature as possible.

Check Storage Units for Pests

In storage units, storage items are sometimes eaten by rodents and insects. Storage users should check storage units often to make sure that there is no evidence of pest infestation. If storage users notice any signs of pest infestation or damage from pests, then they may want to choose storage units with pest repellent options.

Check Storage Unit’s Lock

Storage units that are “combination storage” do not require storage users to carry their own locks, but storage units that are “keypad storage” do. Storage users should check storage unit locks to ensure that the storage unit isn’t left unlocked. When storage users are storing locks, they should ensure that the storage unit locks are durable enough to keep storage items safe.

Check For Any Storage Unit Theft

When checking on storage units, storage users should ensure that their belongings haven’t been stolen. Storage users can do this by checking storage units locks and security after every storage unit checkup. If storage unit security has been compromised, then it is recommended for storage users to choose storage units with a storage access code and a combination lock.

Check On the Storage Facility That Your Storage Units Are In

Storage users should check with their storage facilities to ensure that they’re still operating by checking official websites, calling companies or visiting storage facilities security. If storage facilities security has changed, storage users may want to choose storage units with locks and security or cancel their storage unit rental altogether.

By checking on storage units often, it will be easy to find out how often you need to check in. Storage users should check on their storage units at least once every 2 months to ensure that everything is okay in the unit. Now that storage users know how often they should check storage units, storage renters can put this information to good use. If storage users need storage units near them or storage facilities security, then storage users should visit Protection Self Storage today. At Protection Self Storage, storage unit renters will find storage units with keypad storage, storage access codes and storage security.

How to Decide Your Next Career Move with Chief Growth Officer Bo Parfet

Chief officer Bo Parfet advises on how to find the right job
Chief officer Bo Parfet advises on how to find the right job

Job dissatisfaction has seemed to reach new heights in recent months, but it’s likely evidence of larger trends. The era of spending an entire career at one company has largely passed and employees have more job leverage than ever before. 

With that in mind, how do you decide on the next career move? Bo Parfet has personal experience with such a decision. He was working long hours on Wall Street when he realized he needed to make a change. Adventure called, and Bo booked a trip to summit Mt. Kilimanjaro. The experience was transformational as he went on to peak the seven highest summits on each continent. These experiences brought Bo clarity and have been helping people with their careers ever since.

To better decide your next career move. Bo Parfet recommends asking yourself the following questions before deciding your next step: 

How am I learning and growing? 

The first step in changing jobs is better understanding the job you currently have. According to a study at JobList, 25% of people change jobs because they’re looking for a new challenge, while 23% cite being no longer passionate about their current role. These dissatisfactions can often come down to a feeling of stagnation. Bo Parfet recommends you take stock of how much you’re learning and growing in your current role. Do you feel fulfilled? Is there upward mobility? Have you been given new responsibilities recently? Learning itself has immense value and often brings a sense of achievement, so if you’re not learning in your role, it may be a sign that it’s time to look elsewhere. 

What’s my ideal day? (Don’t forget to pay attention to the “small” things!) 

Growth and mobility aren’t the be-all-end-all. The day-to-day of your job plays a huge role in satisfaction. Jobs take up over 40 hours of your week, so it’s important to understand how you would most enjoy allotting that time. This step trips up many people, so Bo Parfet recommends reflecting on the granular. Pay attention to how your mood shifts throughout the day, maybe even keep a journal to aid in that analysis. Are there certain tasks that cause anxiety? When do you find your mind drifting? Conversely, notice when you’re excited or find a flow state. Those are good signs of tasks you might enjoy. 

Am I headed in the right direction? 

It’s essential to have a grasp of your core values. The Harvard Business Review suggests that our core values typically don’t change over time, but what does change is their relative importance and the way we express that within work. Knowing your core values is easier said than done. A LinkedIn study in 2018 found that 22% of people are “career sleepwalking.” This career passivity can often lead you down a career path that is unfulfilling and distant from core values. What’s the solution? Bo Parfet says to be intentional. Begin to plan your career in three to five-year chunks. This is much more manageable than the traditional “10-year plan.” Develop a broad vision of your future that incorporates interests, values, and your ideal day-to-day work. 

Which people can help me along the way? 

Shifting your career can rarely be achieved in isolation, says Bo Parfet. Relationship development – a nice way of saying networking – is essential. As you develop the vision of your career change, consider who you know and how they can aid such a transition. Don’t be afraid to tap into your already established network to ask questions and build roads. Ben Franklin once wrote, “He that has once done you a kindness will be more ready to do you another, than he whom you yourself have obliged.” What’s that mean? People want to help. 

LinkedIn has also enabled networking beyond your immediate relationships. Bo Parfet recommends taking advantage of this tool to help plant seeds at companies of interest. Make sure to build a professional profile, then utilize secondary connections, alma maters, or other points of commonality to form connections and request informational interviews. When you take the 3-5 year-long view, these relationships could prove crucial down the road to landing that interview at a dream company. 

Finally, create the transition plan. 

Once you’ve reflected on the above, it’s time to build a transition plan. Much like setting up your LinkedIn, you should frame your resume for the job you want. This is especially important when attempting to shift industries. You’re essentially crafting an argument for how your experience applies, and this argument extends into how you write cover letters for these jobs. Seek to find quantifiable outcomes that can reposition your successes and skills. Some jobs may require new skills or training. If that’s the case, the internet is an excellent resource, as are classes, books, or volunteer opportunities that can help you develop new skill sets. Once you’re ready to hit go, tap into the network you’ve developed. All of these actions can, and will, build toward unearthing new opportunities, but understand it will likely take time. Bo Parfet recommends setting SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-bound) to check your progress along the way. 

Self-reflection is a skill in and of itself. If you take the time to look inward then practice patience as you look outward, you’ll vastly increase your chances of finding the right career path for your skillset.

Spring Break Party Ideas for High School Students


With spring break fast approaching, now is the perfect time to make a plan for how to best enjoy your time off with your friends. While high school students may not have as many options for vacationing as their older peers, there are still a lot of ways to have fun this year. Though the ongoing restrictions caused by the spread of COVID-19 are still in place and may affect your plans, that doesn’t mean you can’t find unique things to do with your friends for the holiday. If you need some inspiration, read on for some great spring break party ideas for high school students.

How should you celebrate your spring break?


While many people love to hop a flight to a new city for spring break, it may be a good idea to stay closer to home this year, particularly due to the ongoing public health emergency caused by COVID-19. You should see if there are ways that you and your friends can entertain yourselves at home. You might be surprised by how much fun you can have. You can even look up “arcade game rentals near me” and throw your own gaming party for your closest friends.

Outdoor vacations are a great idea right now, especially in places where a road trip is feasible. Friends who enjoy athletic activities and adventure may want to consider going on a hiking trip or exploring some of the nature in their area. The United States has some of the most beautiful hiking destinations and natural parks in the world, and spring break is the perfect excuse to explore them if you haven’t visited before.

If you do decide to travel somewhere farther away, you’ll need to research any applicable travel restrictions. Some countries aren’t currently allowing foreign citizens to travel, while others have a list of rules and restrictions you’ll have to abide by. Tropical destinations and beaches are the traditional picks for spring break trips, and there are plenty of options both in the U.S. and abroad to consider. Just make sure you do everything you can to protect yourself and your friends when you’re traveling.

What can you do to stay safe during your vacation?


You will need to account for the impact of COVID-19, regardless of your final destination. Traveling to certain locations may require a negative test or proof of vaccination, and you should always follow local guidance regarding the use of masks and practices like social distancing. The current rate of community spread would seem to indicate that in some places, it’s a better idea to stay local or look for ways to plan a safer spring break. You don’t need to skip the fun entirely to be smart about the way that you choose to celebrate this year.

Even though spring break is about having fun, you should also keep in mind that it’s important to practice responsible behavior. With our activities being documented in real time on social media, you could miss out on a number of opportunities if you allow yourself to be caught acting inappropriately or breaking the law. Whether you’re looking into scholarships for high school juniors or applying for part-time jobs, your behavior reflects on you, and you should avoid creating additional hurdles to overcome.

There are a lot of factors you’ll need to consider when planning a spring break party, though keeping it simple may be the smartest option right now. Theme parties, like an arcade party with all your favorite games, are a safe alternative to an elaborate vacation. Anyone who does decide to travel should be proactive about taking safety precautions. Trips that involve outdoor activities, like hiking or exploring nature, are ideal. No matter what you do, make sure you behave responsibly.

Thank you, Richard Liu! JD.com Has Launched Robotics Shops in the Netherlands


Richard Liu has hit the headlines again after launching two robotics shops in the Netherlands. His reputable company JD.com also announced that they would continue opening other stores in different countries soon. The new shops have proved why the company is one of the best service providers.

Clients can order their preferred products through the internet and collect them in different locations, making shopping easier for residents around the country. Besides, using robots to prepare and deliver parcels will help reduce the risk of spreading covid-19 infections.

Liu Qiangdong’s company has chosen to locate the first two shops in towns where they expect to receive many customers, and they plan to open two more stores in different areas after some time. JD.com’s investment has made history because this is the first time they have opened such a shop in Europe.

Their shopping app is also different from the others in the country because it allows clients to buy food and non-food items in one place. The company plans to use the experience they have acquired when operating. They will also use technology to give European customers a different shopping experience.

What Clients Expect When Shopping

Clients only need to have the Ochama’s app, which will enable them to order products online. Shoppers will have a chance to buy high-quality products, including fresh food, household appliances, home furnishings, beauty products, and many other commodities. The company has set up an automated warehouse, where clients will be picking up their products after the management notifies them that the delivery has been successful. They have invested in the best robots to help pick, sort, and transfer different commodities.

Clients can also monitor the products as agents transport them from their stores to pick-up points. Customers can choose to pick up their products themselves, where they will have a chance of witnessing the assortment process. They can also decide whether to request the company deliver products in their homes, which might be the following day after agents transport products to the collection center.

JD.com’s representatives constantly research before deciding the countries to open affiliate companies. That enables them to make informed decisions, ensuring that every business they start becomes successful. For example, they started new stores in the Netherlands after realizing that many people live in cities. That gave them confidence that they would receive an influx of clients in all their shops.

The new shopping format will provide many benefits. For example, it will reduce queues and traffic jams in collection centers. Besides, the innovation will help address some of the changes different organizations have struggled to cope with, including trained labor to undertake other tasks.

Most importantly, the introduction of online shopping in the Netherlands will enable clients to make informed decisions before buying products. They will use the app to compare different products to know the one to purchase. That will ensure that the products they order will enable them to solve their needs.

About Richard Liu

Richard has continued to gain popularity for his success in business. However, his success did not come overnight. He faced many challenges when growing up, including a lack of financial support from his parents. However, his father and mother had no option because they lost their wealth, affecting the plans they had for their family. That almost killed Liu’s dream of succeeding in life.

However, Richard managed to get financial assistance from well-wishers, which enabled him to get a quality education until he graduated. The skills he learned when studying in college enabled him to get employment. That was the beginning of his current success because it enabled him to save some money, which he used to fund his project when he decided to start a business. Since then, every business Richard Liu starts has become very successful. That has earned him a lot of admiration and made him a role model for thousands of upcoming business people globally.

Why Should you Exchange Currency Online?


If you travel all the time, exchanging your currency and sending money to another country is something you do very often. Besides going to the bank or a financial institution, there is another way you can do that. 

There are reputable foreign exchange services on the internet that can help you with exchanging your money and making international transfers. Below are some of the reasons why you should exchange money online.

Save More 

It is advised that you inquire about the current exchange rate before exchanging money. This is because most banks and currency exchange providers inflate the exchange rate. In addition, going to the bank or a currency exchange provider will have you paying higher transfer fees. 

If you would like to save money after currency exchange, the online option is to do it online with a trusted service. There, you will find a lot of great exchange rates to help you save more.


It is easier to exchange money online than going to the bank to queue. With just a stable internet connection, you can find the best currency exchange services on the internet. If you find internet banking beneficial, then you stand to enjoy more by exchanging money online. 

You get to study the market rates and decide if you want to exchange money now or wait until the rates are favorable. Where you find the rates to be favorable, all you have to do is sign in and make the money transfer. Fortunately, with online money transfers, there are no receipts or paperwork to complete.

Saves Time

Another reason why you should exchange money online is because of the time you can save. This is because going to a bank or financial institution and joining a queue to transfer money will take a lot of time. If you have a lot of things to do, you will agree that time is very precious. Where you need to travel urgently, you can exchange your money quickly. With just a smartphone and a stable internet connection, currency exchange can be fast and easy for you.

Safe and Secure

When you carry a lot of money around, you are at risk of having it stolen. However, exchanging money online is safe because the service has been licensed and endorsed by international financial authorities. Besides keeping your money safe, your data and privacy are also secured.

Available 24 h/24

Unlike banks and other financial institutions, online foreign exchange services are always available. Also, you can contact customer support whenever you want to, to help you with whatever you need. In addition, you get access to several currencies to choose from and exchange your money for it.


Now, you have known the benefits you stand to enjoy by exchanging money online instead of going to the bank. However, ensure you choose an online foreign exchange service that is trusted. Finally, you can also compare travel money easily when you exchange currency. Ensure that the online exchange platform is trusted.