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10 Best Local Breweries to Visit in Louisville

10 Best Local Breweries to Visit in Louisville

When it comes to beer, Louisville has one of the most bustling craft beer scenes. Craft beer lovers have over 50 great breweries and bars to choose from, but which should you go to first? Let’s explore the best breweries in Louisville together.

Against the Grain Brewery and Public House, created by colleagues who wished to change Louisville’s brewery scene, is a dive bar-style brewery and pub that has a “Cheers” feel to it. Another option is Gravely Brewing Co., a brewery with the raved about IPA selection and the La Bamba Mexican lager. Falls City Brewing Co. is the oldest operating brewery opened by tavern owners to combat the big beer companies. It is known for its artistic walls and delicious quesadillas. 

Akasha Brewing Company is famous for the Akasha IPA, Barrel Aged Akasha IPA, Stout Akasha, and more. Monnik Beer Co. is an elegant brewery that tends to be crowded with locals and visitors with its Belgian-style beers high in demand. Atrium Brewery is a newer craft brewery in Louisville where visitors rave about the sours as well as the delicious selection of tacos, quesadillas, burgers, fish and chips, and smoked chicken wings. Mile Wide Beer Company offers top tier dark beers with its flagship beer being the West Sixth IPA. 

TEN20 Craft Brewery is a spacious brewery popular for its award-winning Storyteller IPA and Pumpkin Spiced Lager. Butchertown Brewing Company, a newer addition to the Louisville brewery scene, satisfies patrons with its high gravity beers as well as its stouts and sours. Noble Funk Brewing Company prides itself on serving patrons a wonderful time with great brews and is well known for its sour beers and farmhouse ales. 

Whether you’re looking for a good stout, sour, or dark beer, the breweries at Louisville have what you need.