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3 Ways You Can Improve Your Website Performance in 2021

3 Ways You Can Improve Your Website Performance in 2021

Improving your website performance is a sound investment in 2021 (and beyond).

Today’s websites need to be fast, perform well across different interfaces (mobile, desktop, and tablet), and convey information in a way that’s beneficial to the visitor.

If these needs aren’t met, you likely won’t rank high (or as high as you could) in search engines. And that could affect your bottom line.

Here are 3 ways to boost your website SEO and performance in 2021.

1. Increase Page Loading Speed

Of the list of website performance metrics, page speed is perhaps the most important. Research shows that slow loading or finicky pages tend to turn users off and cause them to leave your website. Many say they won’t even buy from an online shop if their site doesn’t run fast.

To reduce page loading speed, there are a number of things you can do:

  • Try a multiple CDN instead of a single CDN
  • Reduce HTTP requests
  • Compress images (especially those in HD)
  • Clean up excess website code

Basically, the less stuff your page has to load, the better. You want it to be as bare-bones as possible while still giving users the information or result that they need.

These SEO services can help you determine if you’re on the right track.

2. Master Your CTAs 

A website that performs well is a website that gets intended results. Having a page load quickly is great. But ultimately, your goal is to get the person on your website to do something.

This is why CTAs, or your calls to action, matter. This sentence, pop-up, or piece of content on a web page asks users to do something, such as:

  • Click a link to read another article
  • Subscribe to an email list or social media page
  • Give feedback on the website
  • Buy a product
  • Contact you for support

CTAs need to be clear and easy to see. They should also ideally only ask the user to do one thing. Multiple requests make you seem needy, lower conversion rates, and confuse users.

3. Create Navigation Tabs

For better website SEO and performance, using tools like navigation tabs or tables of content can be important. 

Navigation tools speed up your website performance. Users find what they’re looking for much easier and don’t have to scroll through walls of text to find it. 

Google and other search engines also like tabs. They give users a reason to stay on the page longer and make it easier for their crawlers to index content. You’ll likely rank higher simply by using them.

These tools are also a great way to check website performance. Using tools like heatmaps, you can learn what your user is doing, where their mouse is, and what they’re clicking on. This helps you optimize your content for a better user experience later on.

Boosting Your Website Performance 

Boosting website performance is key to performing well on Google and converting sales in 2021. The game is continually evolving, but there are 3 areas you can hone in on this year that will make all the difference.

Making sure your page speed loading time is fast, writing great calls to action, and giving users navigation tabs to find their way around your site are basic but effective ways to upgrade your site.

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