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4 Common First Date Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

4 Common First Date Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
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On average, a single person will go on more than 41 dates each year. With that many dates in your future or less, if you find the right one, it’s essential you understand common first date mistakes so you can avoid them.

From locations for dates to the topics, you should discuss there are some mistakes that should be avoided at all costs. Check out these first-date non-nos below.

1. Being Rude to Staff

When you’re rude to the staff waiting on you, not only does it speak volumes about your character to your date, it makes you seem entitled. Sometimes, the staff waiting on you aren’t providing the quality of service you’d expect during a date, but this doesn’t give you the right to be rude to them.

If you find yourself in this type of situation, speak with your date and make it known you disagree with the service you’re receiving. From there, you both can decide if it’s worth saying something about it so as not to ruin the remainder of the date.

2. Remaining Quiet and Not Starting Conversation

It’s natural for you and your date to be nervous about meeting each other during first dates, but this nervousness shouldn’t make you feel as if you need to remain quiet the entire time. Not starting a conversation or not asking questions might make your date feel as if you’re not interested in them or the date.

If it continues, chances are your date will lose interest in a second date or getting to know you at all. Ensure you’re asking questions and actively participating in the conversation you’re having during dinner.

Think about some first-date conversation topics ahead of time, so the only lull in conversation is when you’re eating your food.

3. Rambling About Your Ex

One of the top tips for a first date is don’t ever ramble on and on about your ex. It’s okay to mention why things didn’t work in the past, but focus on the future you have with your date.

The only time you should go in-depth about your ex is if your date asks a specific question about it. When you continue to talk about your ex, your date will get the idea that you’re not over them and have no interest in playing a part in this love triangle.

4. Constantly Being on Your Phone

There are several locations for dates, and none of them call for you to be on your phone unless you’re on a scavenger hunt. Much like not asking questions or participating in the conversation, being on your phone shows your date that you’re not interested in them or the date.

If you’ve got to check your phone and can’t ignore it, excuse yourself from the date and apologize when you’re done with your phone call.

Common First Date Mistakes

There are a number of common first date mistakes you should avoid if you want to make it to your second date. Do your best to stay off your phone and don’t talk about your ex unless you’ve been asked about them.

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