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5 Fun Trends in Ring Styles

5 Fun Trends in Ring Styles

Your ring, your choice? Absolutely! However, there are many trendy ring styles out there. Whether you prefer a ring set to a single piece, fashionable rings are just like other jewelry. They afford you all the freedom to perk up your everyday wear. As always, celebrities and other social influencers constantly push for new ways to make their fingers pop as much as their clothes do. Sometimes, having several rings may leave you wanting fun ideas to rock them in the most fashionable way possible. Here are five fun ring style trends to check out.

1. Stackable Rings


Stacking several rings on your finger is one of the most famous jewelry styles for ring lovers. Stackable rings offer a fashionable way to wear multiple rings at a time creatively. Beyond their stylish appeal, they’re also a way of keeping up with the backstory and narrative behind your rings. Rings do not only exist for their beauty alone. Some may denote some milestones or memories you do not want to forget.

There are no rules to stacking your rings. But, if you’re using both hands, you may want to ensure the placements complement each other. Like ringing the first three fingers of your left hand and finishing it off with the remaining fingers on the right hand. Having all the rings sit cohesively on your fingers makes your hands feel like works of art.

2. Wrap Rings

Wrap rings are all the rave for ring lovers today. They come in unique designs and give your finger an artsy and purposeful look. What draws many ring lovers to wrap rings is the symbolic design. You can get your life mantra etched on the design of your favorite pet, and voila, you’re in vogue.

The attraction to wrap rings goes beyond what meets the eye to embedding themes and backstories. These features make wearing this style of rings more meaningful. Call that fashion with a purpose. When shopping wrap wrings, do well to ensure adjustability and comfort. Some may sit tightly on the top face of your finger like the stone on a diamond ring. Others can tilt more to one side, leaving an opening for you to twist and adjust anytime you feel like it.

3. Double Band Rings

Double band rings are primarily designed to hold heavy or large stones. These rings usually come in several variations, including twists and curves. Settling on a choice between these two all boils down to your personal preference. The knot on some rings may be too bulky for a single band. The dual-band comes with more room to accommodate large jewelry. So having two bands instead of one provides more stability and comfort. And as fashion experts are quick to quote— fashion has two purposes: comfort and love.

4. Signet Rings


Signet rings have a history. They have evolved over the years giving an identity for people who dare to play the part. Signet rings were accepted as ornaments for religious leaders and others of high status. For these high-class personalities, signets were also used to identify and mark classified documents.

Today, signet rings appeal to all kinds of men and women seeking style or belonging to a societal group. A signet ring can serve as a keepsake for people with an extended family line to pass on traditions.

5. Open Rings

Open rings are one of the hottest jewelry trends on the market. Compared to traditional rings, they’re easier to wear and appear to be more versatile. There are several options available including sterling silver and gold ring vermeil.