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5 IT Tips for Denver SMBs

5 IT Tips for Denver SMBs

For those small businesses still alive and kicking, this year has certainly knocked many to the ground. It’s unlike anything that’s happened before in any industry but there have been those who’ve adapted and stayed resilient to the hardships that have been faced.  If you’re a small business in Denver, here are five IT tips that may help you thrive this year.


As a business, investment is a crucial part of developing and building on the initial success. A long-term business IT strategy plan is needed, so consider what’s required in order to get the right hardware and software for your company’s needs.

By investing money into your IT strategy, it can help encourage the business to grow even more so.

Improve Communications

Remote working has saved many companies from going bust. Communication within a business is always important and so having this technology available has been helpful to many. 

You may want to think about the possible ways in which you can improve communications further. For example, using tools like Microsoft Teams could be handy for improving productivity and to help team members connect. 

There are lots of different task management and communication platforms like Asana or Slack, which can be great for keeping everyone informed of what others are doing within a remote environment.

Upgrade Security

Never underestimate the dangers online. It’s now more important than ever, to upgrade your security. 

Cyber attacks pose a risk to small businesses, as well as the big dogs in the industry you’re in. No one is invincible and it only takes one wrong move internally to fall victim to a cyber-attack of some kind. This growing risk is something to take notice of and to have the right cybersecurity in place.

Outsource Your IT Services

With most small businesses, there’s a potential for growth but the resources internally may be limited. Technology can be utilized to help achieve that growth through the use of managed IT services in Denver, for example.

Outsourcing is a more cost-effective way of getting the help you need for all your IT needs. It provides more expert guidance than what you’d likely get when simply getting it in-house. It can be a great way of taking advantage of the services that are provided without having to pay so much money towards it.

Use Cloud Technology

Cloud technology is something that small and large businesses are learning to trust. It may have had a rocky start but it’s a great opportunity for SMBs to expand their opportunities when it comes to space and security. 

Cloud solutions can help create and maintain backups to your systems, to data, and everything else that your business values greatly. The Cloud continues to be a resource that many businesses use and will benefit from as they continue to grow and expand.

Hopefully, with these five tips, your small business will be able to weather the remainder of this storm and to have many successful years from now on. It can only get better, right?