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5 Main Areas To Look Out For Cleaning While Moving Out

5 Main Areas To Look Out For Cleaning While Moving Out

When it’s time to give it up and go find better opportunities elsewhere, you will have a number or errands to run, the most important one being claiming your security deposit. The dreaded move-out cleaning is the final minor obstacle that will prevent you from getting your security deposit back.  This is a financial situation, so the cleaning must be impeccable. Here, you have two choices: either hire one of the best cleaning services to handle the cleaning for you, or do it yourself. Remember that this month you may have already paid for the truck, movers, and the additional security deposit. Moving comes with a financial burden that can be lessened by finishing the move out cleaning yourself. Let’s examine the points you should be aware of in order to guarantee the secure return of your security deposit during the cleaning.


When you move out, the area around your windows is one of the first things your former landlord will inspect. When cleaning the areas surrounding the windows, take your time. Examine the frames’ upper surfaces for debris and dust. Apply a damp cloth to the area between the screen and the window glass, known as the window well. A bucket filled with soapy water is required to rinse your rag because the window well can collect a lot of dirt. After cleaning the glass panes with window cleaner, touch up the pane frames. Use a top-down approach to prevent streaks on your recently cleaned glass. Using your cloth and the sill’s underside, finish cleaning the window sill. 

Vacant spaces

The empty apartment has more surface area to clean, which is the main reason cleaning services charge more for move-out cleanings. It is now necessary to clean every area that was once furnished, even though frequently those areas go unclean for the duration of your stay in the apartment. This causes a significant accumulation of dirt and grime that needs special attention. The layers of dirt that have embedded themselves in the base of the carpeting may require you to use a powerful vacuum cleaner. You should use soapy water to give hardwood floors a thorough cleaning. Use two mops, one for wet mopping and one for drying.

Floors, baseboards, moldings

To continue with the floor cleaning theme, you should make sure that the apartment’s entire floor has been cleaned. Serious dirt buildup can be found in some of the corners of the floors where end tables and furniture once stood. You should also clean the crown moldings and baseboards while you’re at it. Baseboards frame the space between the floors and the walls, while crown moldings frame the space between the floors and the ceiling. Crown moldings are the opposite of baseboards. An extendable duster might be necessary to reach your crown moldings. Making sure that the walls and crown moldings are dust-free is crucial. 

Air vents

You will need to clean the vent covers in your apartment if your building has central heating and/or air conditioning. Ignoring this step could have costly consequences because neglected vents can encourage the growth of bacteria and mold, two common airborne contaminants. As a result, Asthma and allergy symptoms may arise. Since you’ll probably need to turn off your air conditioning unit while cleaning, you should clean all of the vent caps at once. When cleaning vent caps that are in rough shape, you might want to cover your hair and eyes with a baseball cap to prevent dust from getting into your eyes. 

Upper areas

It’s easy to forget to clean the top sides of many common areas when doing routine cleanings. Cleaning the refrigerator, cupboards, door frames, and doors themselves is a wonderful idea when you move out. This is an easy cleanup with your extendable duster in tow, but you can also use a stepstool and clean rag. 

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