Home Business 5 PDF Google Drive Features That You Should Use

5 PDF Google Drive Features That You Should Use

5 PDF Google Drive Features That You Should Use

Google Drive is a cloud storage service that comes with a lot of advantages such as having a remote area to back up your file and for easier file sharing. This cloud storage became popular with useful collaborative tools and built-in integrations with Google’s suite of products and services. Having an account will automatically give you 15GB of free storage on Google Drive.

As for managing PDF files, Google has prepared great features to be used. In any device like your personal computer, laptop, tablets, and cellphones, you can scan PDF files, convert them, share them, etc. this will come in handy when you are always on the go. Travelling may also keep you away from your PC but with your cell phone, PDFs are ready to work with.

If your work requires a lot of PDF files and documents, open your Google Drive and try some features that are underused or are simply left unknown by users. These Google Drive features will help you do more and efficiently with less time and effort.

Convert Doc to PDF, and PDF to Doc

Google Drive thought of convenience and time-saving features. This one is a good example of that kind of feature. A converter that let you convert Doc to PDF, and also PDF to DOC. although using another online tool will be nice if you require more features than just converting.

Follow these instructions to be guided on to convert with Google Drive. Pen your doc, go to File. Choose Download as, then choose PDF Document (.pdf). And as for PDF to Doc, follow these steps: Open your file in Google Drive by selecting Upload files then select the file from your hard drive. Right-click on the PDF file in Google Drive and open it in Google Docs. Finally, download the file as Microsoft Word (.docx).

Use this converter feature by Google Drive for your convenience. It’s easier and faster when you need to convert from Google Drive and then you can share it immediately.

Save PDFs to Google Drive

Web browsers like Google Chrome can do more than letting you read your PDFs with Google Chrome’s PDF viewer. Google Chrome lets you save web pages as PDF files. You can select Print at the bottom right of the browser then select Save as PDF.

Make sure that you are logged into Chrome to be able to save PDF files into your Google Drive. For you to do this, look for the printer tab, select then click Change. If you continue to scroll down, look for the Google Cloud Print section that should be right there. If you are there, you can save it to Google Drive.

This feature can help you save time. And to avoid having to open your Google Drive just to manually upload the file from your local disk. It is again, fast and easy.

Merge PDF Files and Documents

If you are to combine loads of PDF files and documents into one single PDF file, Google Drive recommends the PDF Mergy. This is another Chrome add-on like the PDF converter. Choose and select the files that you want to merge. Right-click then select Open with PDF Mergy.

Wait for the files to be processed. You can rearrange the order of the files to suit the PDF file you are creating. You can still add more files from your drive. Select Merge if you are done customizing. Save the file on your local disk or in your Google Drive.

Interactions With PDF Files 

PDFs are compatible with any platform you have available. But unfortunately, having a PDF file means you can only read these files without being able to edit the file. Some online applications are allowing you to interact with a PDF file

Google Drive extensions also allow you to underline, strikethrough, draw, highlight, add text, insert shapes, signatures, and comments on the PDF file. All these will help your work or study better with notes and highlighted parts. Because it will feel as though you can interact with the PDF file.

Consider this add-on if your company is to release files by signatures. Or if files are to be reviewed, comments are allowed and so are drawings for better corrections. You are now interacting with PDF to make work efficient and effective.

Google Drive’s Scan and Search Feature

Did you know that Android devices are handy scanners? Yes, your phone is a scanner that can convert these scanned files to PDF. With Google Drive, you can use your phone’s built-in camera to scan the hard copy of the document to save it electronically.

When the scan is complete, save the file into your Google Drive. The contents of the file, which is a PDF now, are available to be scanned. Using Google Drive’s search tool, you can find specific words within the PDF file immediately. However, handwritten documents are not searchable by the search tool. Only typewritten text is searchable by Google Drive.

This feature is useful for scanning certificates, official receipts, official forms, and certificates. Make sure you have done the following to create scanned PDF documents in Google Drive: 

First access the Google Drive application on your Device. Next, tap the plus symbol on the screen to start a new file. Choose Scan and it will automatically open your phone’s built-in camera. Take the picture, and make sure you get all the parts captured on your screen. If you are satisfied with the picture, save your project to Google Drive.


When managing PDFs, try to open Google Drive. This cloud storage lets you export PDFs and helps you interact with them as well. These underused and are often overlooked Google Drive features are worth a try when you need to save and manage time.

There are a lot of online tools all over the internet that are best in specific formats and services. But with Google Drive, you can have all you need in one place.