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6 Ways to Lower Your Vehicle Insurance

6 Ways to Lower Your Vehicle Insurance

We all try to save money where we can, and one place where you have some options is with your car insurance. Car insurance is a necessary expense, but it is not a fixed price for every situation. There are many companies to choose from, and they also offer different levels of coverage. You can also trim your costs through a variety of other choices. Here is a look at some of the ways you can bring down the cost of your insurance premium.

  1. Be Responsible: If you can resist your need for speed, and you make it a point to drive defensively and within the rules, you are likely going to save some money on insurance. Check out Rabbit Finance car insurance rates here. Insurance companies give their best deals to drivers that have proven themselves. Low risk drivers pay a lot less for insurance than young drivers and people who have made claims.
  • Know What Cars Have High Premiums: You can save yourself a lot of money if you choose a vehicle that has low insurance rates. Typically, owners pay more for insurance on cars that are quite expensive or are considered sports cars or performance cars. This can be a difficult decision for some, but you need to decide if all that bling or horsepower is worth it month after month. Buying a more responsible car will also save you money on purchase cost and resale losses.
  • Choose to Pay a High Deductible: Insurance companies don’t mind if you want to take on a little more of the insurance responsibility yourself. The deductible, is there to make sure you don’t make a nuisance claim. But if you choose a high deductible, then some of the money that would have vanished with the insurance payment, can stay in your bank instead. And if you avoid having any claims, you get to keep it.
  • Pay Your Premiums Yearly: Insurance companies give you the option to make monthly payments, but they might tell you that you are paying extra for those. The best move is to pay the whole thing up front.
  • Finish College: insurance companies reward people for showing character. They often give lower rates to people who have finished a secondary school.  They also give better deals to people who have a good credit rating. Getting married also puts you into the discount category, perhaps because it shows maturity.
  • Put Your Child on Your Policy: Another way to save money is to add your child to your own policy instead getting a policy of their own for a separate vehicle. The insurance company will give a discount if your child is not the primary driver, and therefore spends less time behind the wheel.

Car insurance is just part of owning a car, and there is no way to drive legally without it. But you should not have to pay a king’s ransom for it either. Do your research and find a deal that works for you. And above all else, drive responsibly. Your choices and your character will have a lot of influence over how much you will pay for premiums over the years.  And the benefits will go beyond just saving money.