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Are Dentures a Good Option for Patients With Gum Disease?

Are Dentures a Good Option for Patients With Gum Disease?
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Gum disease is one of the most common reasons people lose their teeth. If you have just been treated for gum disease and have been experiencing symptoms of the condition, it is likely that your mouth is in the process of recovering. Unfortunately, gum disease will not cause the teeth that it has caused you to lose to regenerate on their own. It is in your best interest to investigate the various possibilities available to you for tooth replacement. 

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The Repercussions of Periodontal Illness 

Inflammation and infection of the gum tissue are the hallmarks of gum disease. Even in less severe situations, it can produce discomfort and irritation. When the infection is particularly severe, it spreads to the bone tissue that is close. As a result, it can eat away at the jawbone and weaken the foundation on which the teeth are supported. When enough bone is gone, the teeth might become dislodged. Sometimes the bone loss is so severe that the teeth either become loose and fall out on their own or it becomes essential to have them extracted. 

Even while your dentist will do all in their power to assist you to avoid such a scenario, tooth loss caused by gum disease is sometimes unavoidable in certain circumstances. If something like this occurs to you, your dentist may recommend that you get dentures as a solution. 

Why Dentures Are Often the Best Choice for Replacing Missing Teeth 

Dentures are an excellent choice for replacing missing teeth for the following reasons: Traditional dentures cost less than the many other choices for tooth replacement. In most cases, dental insurance will agree to pay for all or at least some of the cost of the procedure. 

Dentures are an option that could be available to you even if you’ve seen considerable bone loss in recent years. 

The procedure of receiving dentures is not a very time-consuming one. 

Dentures can restore a good deal of dental function and create an appearance that is quite similar to that of natural teeth. 

Dentures are versatile. If you still have some of your natural teeth and they are in excellent health, you may be able to fill in the space created by missing teeth with partial dentures. This will save you from having to have your original teeth extracted. Full dentures are often recommended as the treatment of choice for individuals who have lost all of their natural teeth. 

It’s Possible You’ll Need These Services Before Getting Dentures 

It’s possible that you’ll need to have a few teeth pulled before you can get dentures fitted properly. Scaling and root planing are two kinds of periodontal therapy that may be recommended by your dentist as part of the treatment procedure for gum disease. Your dentist will also do all in their power to assist you in combating gum disease. Dentures that are supported by dental implants are a choice that some patients choose rather than standard dentures. If you decide to get dental implants, you might require a bone transplant to help strengthen your jawbone before you can get them.