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Bitcoin Car of the Week: Ferrari Roma

Bitcoin Car of the Week: Ferrari Roma

Few cars in the world tear up the road quite like the Ferrari Roma. A dedicated grand touring vehicle crafted by the industry leaders at Ferrari, the Roma was introduced in 2019 where it was named after the capital city of Italy. Now with some time passing, we can take a more accurate look at how the Ferrari Roma has been performing in the marketplace while analyzing its specs and key features.

For high-end shoppers looking to add a beautiful luxury automobile to their garage, the Ferrari Roma has potential. Before you look into what it takes to buy Ferrari with Bitcoin, let’s take a moment to fully evaluate the Ferrari Roma F169 together.

World of Ferrari

More than 70 years after the Italian company first opened its doors, Ferrari continues to enjoy dominance within the automotive world. Already valued at more than $30 billion, Ferrari is the rare supercar maker that focuses on racing first and automobile production second. With that being said, consumers can see how both worlds impacted the production of the Ferrari Roma.

Introducing the Ferrari Roma

The Ferrari Roma was designed after the Italian theme of La Nuova Dolce Vita, an Italian phrase that translates to “pleasurable way of living”. This theme was dominant in Italy throughout the ’50s and ’60s and the Roma certainly captures that classical sense in its modern body.

Similar to the older 250 GTOs in exterior appearance, the Ferrari Roma F169 shares some traits with the prestigious 612 Scaglietti, drawing inspiration in both body and aesthetic appeal. In fact, at the right angle, the Roma mirrors some of Ferrari’s GT models from yesteryear with a bit of an edge.

What’s Under the Hood?

Under the long nose of the Roma’s hood, mounted in the middle of the vehicle’s body, drivers will find a turbocharged 3.9L V-8 that pumps out 612 horsepower and 561 lb/ft of torque. With an eight-speed dual-clutch automatic transition (known as the DCT), the Roma handles with both power and grace. A light touch at the steering wheel goes a long way thanks to the direct and precise handling that the car exhibits.

A powerful engine gives way to less-than-exciting fuel economy and real-world MPG. The 2021 model suggests that it can attain 17 MPG in the city while averaging 22 MPG on the highway. These numbers are theoretical and have not been tested against real-world metrics as of yet.

All About Comfort

If you are a crypto enthusiast who is ready to buy a car with Bitcoin, the Roma offers a valid blend of luxury and affordability with the extra features you’ll want, to boot.

Inside of the Roma, drivers will find faux-suede stitched with leather to provide both an upscale and comfortable layout. Each front seat is nestled within a flowing dashboard that is decorated with digital gauges, haptic controls, and of course, the flat-bottom steering wheel that Ferrari is known for.

Available off the lot at $222k, the Ferrari Roma is an upscale delight that is sure to please the speed lovers and highway drivers among us.