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Business – What Makes a Great Restaurant

Business – What Makes a Great Restaurant

Many people will have their own opinion when it comes to the characteristics of a great restaurant, some will differ from others as each of us have our opinions. But there are some traits that most customers will agree on, and this article aims to highlight these points. Here are some of the main marker’s standout restaurants that have in common. 

Outstanding Service

This is arguably top of the list as most people agree that great service is essential. Guests want to feel human, not just another number that needs to be fed and rushed through the door. 

Guests engage most with the service team, so they must offer a first-class service. Guests want sincerity and positivity from the service staff. They should be professionally trained and always have a smile on their face. If you are looking for dining options in NSW that offer excellent service, have a look at here – https://tradies.com.au/ for some great choices. 

Here are some of the main things that make great service staff:

  • Outgoing personality
  • Ability to multitask
  • Can perform under pressure
  • Can move at a fast pace
  • Address guests by their name

Quality Food

Having quality food is a must in any restaurant as no customers will be willing to come back if the food was substandard. It is not enough to have great food; the restaurant must also offer consistency. 

Getting it right some of the time is not enough, the quality of the food must be first-class to retain customers. As the restaurant industry continues to evolve, serving good quality food must always be the cornerstone of any food establishment. If the quality slips, a restaurant could easily lose its clients to competitors. 

To ensure a restaurant serves quality dishes time after time, they must focus on quality control. You should see cooks evaluating dishes before they reach the customers. 

Food Presentation

The way a meal is presented influences how well someone thinks it tastes. If it looks good, it usually tastes good. There have been a lot of studies carried out on the importance of presentation when it comes to food. It is a key element that manipulates the customer’s expectation. 

Customers are willing to spend 2 or 3 times more on a dish when it looks better. Good restaurants know this and that is why they focus on important aspects of dining such as food presentation. When food both looks and tastes good, customers have no issues paying a little extra. 


A good quality restaurant focuses on creating the right atmosphere. This is not just about comfort and aesthetics. Lighting, music, colours and more are all important when it comes to creating a memorable setting. 

A restaurant needs to focus on its concept. Once they understand their concept, they can then start building around it. 

Many things make a restaurant great, some are more sought after than others. Most clients will agree that the service, staff, and atmosphere are three of the most important components of a great restaurant.