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Can You Use Baking Soda To Clean a Pool?

Can You Use Baking Soda To Clean a Pool?

Since the summer season is just around the corner, outdoor activities such as pool parties are much expected, wherein people dip themselves in the water just to beat the heat of the summer. If you have that idea in mind and you’re about to invite your friends or some relatives to come over, then it’s about time to start your preparation. 

Of course, the first step that you should do for your preparation is to clean your pool. If your pool has not been in use for quite a long time and you’re not able to do some maintenance, then it may not be safe to use yet. There’s a ton of dangers in not cleaning your pool. It can cause recreational water illnesses, including ear infections, rashes, inflamed eyes, diarrhea, and even respiratory diseases. Well, you don’t want your family and friends to get those, right? 

Although cleaning the pool could be a lot of work and requires lots of effort and time, there’s a lot of key benefits you could gain by doing so. It will make your pool a lot safer, it will be your source of pride as you won’t be hesitant to invite some friends over, and most of all, it will totally look fab! Of course, there are many ways to clean your estate, inside and outside.  While a day or two of scrubbing might be worth saving a few bucks, you can always hire pros to do it.  When that time comes, pool cleaning and house cleaning are done by two separate companies says this house cleaning service. It’s always good to hire the right experts for the job as they’ll have the right tools and tradespeople to handle whatever quirks arise in the project at hand.

Now, most people who attempt to clean their own pool always have this question in mind. Can you really use just baking soda when cleaning the pool? Well, using baking soda alone won’t clean your pool, but it has a specific use. In this article, we will tackle the benefits of baking soda when cleaning a pool. 

Here are some of them; 

1. Baking soda can maintain the water quality of your pool. 

Yes, it might not entirely clean your pool, but it can do wonders in maintaining its water quality. Baking soda helps in keeping the water clear and sparkling. It can also help in preventing your skin from drying and your eyes from stinging. All of these factors will result in a better and pleasant experience of swimming. 

2. Baking soda is used to balance the pH level of the pool water. 

Balancing the pH level is one of the essential factors when maintaining or cleaning a pool. If you don’t get the proper levels, like it’s too low, your pool water will become acidic. If this happens, it will cause the corrosion of pool tiles, and it can dry out the skin and hair of the swimmers. However, when you add baking soda to your pool water, it will calm and neutralize the acid components in your pool. 

3. Baking soda can spot-treat Algae in your pool.

Another use of baking soda is spot-treating the remaining algae in your pool after you have used an algaecide (an algae-killing product). After allowing the killing product to circulate for at least 6-10 hours, you can now sprinkle your baking soda on the problem area with the remaining algae, then brush it off until removed. 

Final Words 

It is a significant responsibility to clean your pool most especially if you want to host a party. Nobody would want to dip in a pool full of debris, right? Although it won’t be an easy task, it’s all going to be worth it after seeing the final results. Just do your research, gather your available resources, and use alternatives you can find at your home that can aid you with the cleaning.