Home Business Carlos Beirao da Veiga, Others, Underscore Content Marketing’s Continued Importance

Carlos Beirao da Veiga, Others, Underscore Content Marketing’s Continued Importance

Carlos Beirao da Veiga, Others, Underscore Content Marketing’s Continued Importance

Sprinkling high-quality content across the internet continues to benefit businesses that understand potential customers seek specificity, value, and authority on social media platforms, websites, and beyond. The current era is not the time for subpar or ill-researched content. 

Marketers are experiencing a time when businesses are getting real: A successful content marketing strategy rests on authenticity. Content should be the window into a company’s soul. Experts emphasize the quality of content that reflects a company’s values before considering follower count.

Marketing expert Carlos Beirao da Veiga, founder of Da Veiga Consulting, works with companies in Portugal, Brazil, Argentina, and Chile. Recently, he has advised clients to personalize their company’s content for specific audiences and to reflect brand ethos and values. This strategy fosters friendly relationships between the brand and its customers and potential customers. 

“Value-based content cultivated to create a fan base should be every company’s goal,” Beirao da Veiga says. “When people search the web, watch YouTube or TikTok videos; your content should be personalized and authentic to yield the maximum benefit.” 

Social Media Remains the Most Effective Marketing Channel

Building social media communities around a brand have become a critical mission for companies that want to engage with audiences more closely. The mother of social media, Facebook, continues to be the most used platform with the highest ROI, engagement, and quality leads, according to HubSpot’s recent marketing trends report. 

HubSpot, a customer relationship management (CRM) technology, conveyed the importance of social media in its reports. Nearly two-thirds of marketers build social media communities through content targeted at intended customers. 

Social media marketers tend to target different demographics at different rates. They most strongly aim for Millennials (25-40), followed by Gen X (41-56), Gen Z (6-24), and lastly, Baby Boomers (57-75).

Quality content created specifically for an intended customer increases site traffic, which improves that site’s authority and makes it land higher in search engine rankings. 

Carlos Beirao da Veiga tells the clients who retain his marketing services they shouldn’t skimp on quality content. The excellence of content pushes high-performing companies’ marketing results into the stratosphere. 

HubSpot, Carlos Beirao da Veiga, Say Content Conquers All 

Visitors will interact if the content published on a company’s blog, website, or social media channels is engaging. Some channels, like FaceBook, are more traditional outlets, but new platforms are constantly emerging. Businesses invest their budgets with newcomers like Twitter Spaces, YouTube Shorts, and Instagram Shops.

Being among the cutting-edge entities isn’t everything, however. The key to attracting audiences’ eyes and ears continues to be search engine optimization. Original, high-quality content regularly published on a brand’s website has been well-documented to increase a site’s ranking in search engines. To best employ SEO techniques, marketers post unique content with relevant keywords to help a website rank organically in searches. 

Content that helps brands create value and authority has evolved. Now, it is less sales-oriented and more informative, encouraging people to engage with the brand. A brand pushing sales in an obvious manner is doing it all wrong. 

Content includes video, social media, podcasts, and everything else that entertains and informs website guests. Promoting a brand for search engines is about various content types beyond the written word. 

Carlos Beirao da Veiga encourages companies to explore different content vehicles before deciding which is best. 

The Popularity of Short-Form Videos on TikTok, and Other Platforms, Continues  

The use of short-form videos is snowballing. Based on the data, HubSpot expects short-form video will see the most growth in 2023. According to the HubSpot report, one-third of marketers already use it and plan to invest more in it in the future than other forms of content

Short-form video is a highly effective social media format that will continue to grow significantly. HubSpot finds that younger audiences prefer shorter video content that is funny, trendy, and reflects a brand’s values. The Baby Boomers skew toward interactive or educational content, such as interviews, podcasts, expert discussions, and live videos.

Carlos Beirao da Veiga understands that it takes focus for marketers to build the perfect digital strategy and navigate challenges. Issues surrounding community management can be tricky. 

HubSpot surveyed social media marketers who revealed their most significant community-building challenges. Among the problem areas: The ability to actively manage a brand’s community, measuring the ROI of their efforts to build community, grow a community, and foster an engaged community.

Beirao da Veiga investigates every evolving trend to give his clients an advantage in keeping their customers engaged and adding potential customers. 

“Businesses should get creative in mastering digital outreach,” Beirao da Veiga says. “Fascinating content keeps people returning to your website.” 

Many companies follow new marketing trends that work to their advantage. Incorporating fresh ideas is the key to creating, publishing, and witnessing a fan base develop.