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Celebrate Success in Style

Celebrate Success in Style

There are times in our lives that should be marked in a special way so that we will remember them forever. It is these milestones that preserve the steps of our journey through life. It is in the marking of these moments that memories are created for our later years. Without marking them there is a good chance they will be lost in the fog of time. We do a good job with weddings and a few other events, but one thing we overlook is success, particularly financial success. Perhaps you might feel that this would appear to be boastful or showing off. But people will say what they like anyway. You should really celebrate the things that you have earned. It isn’t easy to get ahead in this world. Here are a few ways to celebrate success.

  • Charter a Yacht: Although you may not circulate in the company of people who have their own yachts. The hiring of a yacht is something that can be done by anyone, and it is probably less expensive than you think. But if you setup a yacht trip for you and some friends, even just for an evening. It will be remembered and appreciated by everyone. Yachts are essentially the metaphor of success, and they can be hired all over the world in many types of locations, like Phuket day charters in Thailand. All you need to bring is your people, the yacht company will set you up with the crew and the food and drink, and they will bring you to the best locations.
  • Take a Secret Holiday: This next option appears to be the opposite of the first, but life is full of contradictions. For some of us the best way to celebrate success is to step out of our lives and disappear for a while. Whether you want to do this alone, or with a significant other is up to you. But the point of this adventure is to become anonymous for a while. This is a time for reflection and quiet thought. So, the choice of location would most likely be a secluded cabin or a quiet inn, some place out of the way. This is a time to write out your thoughts and think about the journey you just made. So, turn off your phone and don’t tell anyone where you can be reached. The world will still be there when you get back.
  • Make a Donation: There are as many ways to make donations as there are great causes that need your help. It is up to you whether you wish to be anonymous on this, and you shouldn’t feel bad either way, do what you want to do. One great way to mark the occasion is to start a scholarship at some place of learning. That way your success will continue to foster the success of others for years to come.

Success is a rare bird, and you may not see it very often in a lifetime, if at all. If you let the moment slip away; you will regret doing so later. This is an essential part of savouring life. Carrying on like nothing matters will lead only to a sense of meaninglessness and a lack of purpose.