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Choose to Plant a Memorial Tree

Choose to Plant a Memorial Tree
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Planting a tree in memory of a loved one can bring a breath of new life and growth. It is all about doing something that feels good – and connecting on a personal level with someone important to you. 

Planting a memorial tree in memory of or in honor of someone special is an ideal way to let someone know they matter. Much more powerful than a simple card, or the sending of temporary flowers, the planting of a memorial tree will help you stand out, and have a lasting and sustainable impact for generations to come. The planting provides a “wow” factor in an unexpected, personal way.

Your memorial tree planting will give back. It will grow. And it will be full of life. When choosing to plant a memorial tree, here are a few things to consider: 

Memorial Trees Give Back

It can be hard grieving the loss of a loved one. But the planting of a memorial tree is much more than a card, it is a whole experience that provides comfort at a time of grieving. By planting a tree in memory of someone lost, you are helping to restore natural forests and you are benefiting wildlife. You are making a difference in the world – in honor of this special person. Be a part of the global restoration efforts taking place. 

Memorial Trees are Not Funeral Flowers

These days, it’s becoming increasingly common for people to look for a more meaningful alternative to sending flowers to demonstrate love and support during times of bereavement. Funeral flowers are the traditional choice, but they’re not always appropriate and they can sometimes be impractical. Flowers wither and fade, but a planted tree can last generations. The grieving family has enough on their minds without dealing with the disposal of flower arrangements following a funeral or wake. As an alternative to funeral flowers, a memorial tree demonstrates your thoughtfulness, a physical reminder of the legacy left behind and a touching tribute to a life well-lived. A gift tree is particularly treasured as a memorial for someone who had a love of gardening, hiking, nature, travel, and the environment.

Memorial Trees are Planted Around the World

When opting for memorial tree planting, you get the option to plant a tree anywhere in the world. Did your loved one love to travel? Did he or she always want to visit a certain area or have a favorite country or destination? Or were they particularly fond of their family heritage and country of origin? Below are a few of the memorial tree planting sites you get to choose from:

United States & Canada: There are many forest locations to choose from, such as Minnesota, California, Oregon, Montana, Colorado, Washington, Florida and more. 

Europe: Choose from forests in Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, and the United Kingdom. 

Amazon Rain Forest & Latin America: Throughout Peru, Brazil, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Haiti, memorial trees are planted. 

Africa, Asia & Australia: Throughout Africa, Australia, and countries like Morocco, Indonesia, India, Madagascar, Vietnam, the Philippines are all home to memorial trees. 

From all of these locations, many different tree species can beautify the world around us. 

Trees are a beautiful way to memorialize a loved one, and you can feel confident that no matter where in the world your tree is planted, it is changing and growing every day in their honor. 

At The Gifted Tree, we give you different memorial tree locations to choose from – and tributes to recognize them – so that you can feel good about your choice. We plant trees all over the globe, and the tens of thousands of gift trees planted are helping to restore National Forests destroyed by fire or disease and reforesting tree-depleted areas ravaged by the effects of climate change.