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Combating Infection in Nursing Care Facilities

Combating Infection in Nursing Care Facilities

It’s no secret that skilled nursing facilities struggle with infection control.  This became very evident during the pandemic; COVID-19 killed nearly 135,000 nursing home residents and more than 2,000 workers in those facilities.  Following the pandemic, nursing homes are on the brink.  In 2022, more than 400 certified nursing homes in the United States are on the verge of shutting down; this is double the closure rate pre-pandemic.  Most facilities are losing money annually, operating at an average margin of -4.8% per year.  If these trends continue, 25% of skilled nursing facilities are likely to close within 2-3 years.

Getting a handle on infection prevention and control is an aspect of the nursing home industry that will save countless lives when integrated into the fundamentals of care.  Implementing personalized protocols tailored to a nursing home ensures a safe and healthy future that may touch all of our lives.  Nurses are essential to infection control, but since January 2020, around 225,000 caregivers have left the field after reaching their breaking points.  Getting in-person help from someone trained to address infection control practices will help implement personalized protocols that solve lapses plaguing the nursing home system.  Hands-on support provides practical training instead of general guidelines, positively impacting the industry.

Infection Control: The Future of Skilled Nursing
Source: IPCWell.com