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Considering Gun Insurance Coverage

Considering Gun Insurance Coverage

If you own a firearm, considering gun insurance coverage is essential.  It makes sense why legal gun ownership is important for your peace of mind; we all want to protect ourselves and our loved ones.  While gun liability insurance may not be required where you live, local legislation may change in the near future.  In 2022, San Jose became the first city to require gun liability insurance, and Los Angeles is considering this as a requirement as well. 

While some homeowner’s and renter’s insurance may provide some coverage, it’s important to know what that coverage is and identify situations in which insurance will not cover the cost associated with damage.  Theft and loss are covered in standard homeowners insurance policies because guns are a high-value target for theft.  Accidental shootings where the victim is not a member of the household should be covered as well, but the majority of standard homeowners insurance packages exclude intentional acts like self-defense.

There are ways to bolster your coverage, including add-on coverage.  Personal property protection extends the coverage limit for theft.  Standard coverage should be enough for households with 1-2 guns, but those with valuable or larger collections should purchase additional coverage.  Stand-alone gun insurance policies like gun liability insurance and self-defense cover costs associated with negligence and acts of self-defense.  Purchasing additional gun insurance coverage could be the right step for you.

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