Home Reviews Delta-8 or CBD: Which Hemp Product Is Best for Your Wellness Needs

Delta-8 or CBD: Which Hemp Product Is Best for Your Wellness Needs

Delta-8 or CBD: Which Hemp Product Is Best for Your Wellness Needs

Selecting a cannabis or hemp plant product to support your wellness needs is a big choice. The market is booming with great options for all types of users and a wide variety of supplement requirements. Some of the most popular on the market are CBD products like FAB CBD oil and Delta-8, yet these two hemp plant products are very different in their targeted function and delivery to the human body.

Choosing a CBD oil or Delta 8 gummies 1000mg is a big step toward the wellness goals that you hold for yourself, but it’s always a great idea to seek out medical advice from your doctor for specific information about your own healthcare needs and priorities. As well, perusing FDA guidelines will give you some great information on the safety and efficacy aspects of any CBD or Delta-8 product that you are considering.

CBD, THC, and other hemp products interact with the human body naturally.


The human body contains an internal function called the endocannabinoid system and plays a significant role in regulating mood, appetite, stress levels, and essential hormones. The potency of CBD, Delta-8, and other cannabinoid compounds is likely derived from the familiar functionality of these complementary elements. Humans have been using cannabis and hemp plant extracts for thousands of years, and the body itself produces a natural “high” during stress response situations that’s a built-in evolutionary process.

CBD, THC, and other compounds found within the cannabis plant family are simply a natural component of human existence. THC users have been outspoken for years about the benefits that cannabinoids provide in regards to mobility, flexibility, and other wellness factors, yet the mainstream marketplace has only caught on in recent years with the wide variety of low THC and THC-free options that are widely available. By eliminating the “high” that has pushed THC use out of daily supplement territory as a result of its impact on maintaining a busy daily schedule, more people are able to utilize this great edible supplement option.

CBD and Delta-8 provide strong baseline support.


CBD is a fantastic and fascinating product that more and more people are starting to use in their daily routines. CBD comes in a variety of dispersal forms (from oils, tinctures, gummies, and patches, among other CBD dosage methods), and the lack of THC in the hemp plant’s specific strain used for high CBD extraction means that users can maintain whatever pace they want in the office, in athletic endeavors, and everywhere in between. The likes of FAB CBD products provide that unique and essential boost that many users are searching for in their daily rituals.

Unlike CBD, Delta-8 THC and other Delta-8 products typically contain faint amounts of THC within the formula. While not as potent as Delt-9 THC, 1000mg Delta-8 gummies and other dosage options provide a window into the entourage effect that helps so many users manage the daily tasks that they have on their plates.

Delta-8 gummies—in 500mg, 100mg, and other dosages—bring a lot to the table in a modest package. With high strength potency, Delta-8 gummies blend a variety of cannabinoids into one package for customers who are looking for a broader spectrum of help plant healing. By bundling this specially tailored pack of cannabinoids together, each compound is able to interact within the body and with one another to boost the overall effectiveness, providing a natural balm for a range of ailments.

For those looking for a new supplement, try one of the many in the cannabinoid family. CBD and Delta-8 options provide powerful relief for many, they just might work for you too.