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Digital Visiting Cards: A Low Cost Way to Make a Big Impression


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Running a business is surely not as easy as it may seem. Once you set up a business there are a lot of things that you need to take care of. Right from the business location to gaining customers, it is a long way. 

Talking about any business, the very base or fundamental is marketing. There is certainly no business without marketing just like there is no Poo without Christopher Robin. Well, businesses work hard in order to gain more customers and widen the reach. The very way to do this is marketing. 

Every business has its own marketing and networking strategies built in order to grow. When we talk about marketing, the very first thing that may pop up in our minds is a business card. A few may not realize it but business cards evidently play an important role. It is merely a card holding information about your business but it clearly works to reach out to people and bring your business to notice. 

Bringing business to notice is what the goal is. Ever since technology is advancing, the digital platform has come as an absolute blessing for the business sector. The doors that are opened to the audience on a larger scale with the help of digital marketing are something that every business wants to walk through. 

Now, even though the marketing is digital, business cards still hold their importance. Today we will discuss how a digital visiting card is beneficial.

How Are Digital Visiting Cards A Low Cost Way to Mark Big Impression?

To start with let’s discuss how a digital business card is not harsh on your pocket. Well, if you compare a digital business card with a paper card, you will realize how much money you can save. Let’s have a look:

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  • A paper card needs to be printed and that costs you a good amount of money. With a digital business card, all you have to do is design it once and then your job is pretty much done. 
  • When you are out of your paper cards, you have to invest in the reprinting process. While for a digital visiting card you don’t ever have to worry about investing in reprinting as you are never going to run out of those. 
  • Lastly, in case there are some changes that take place with your contact information or pretty much anything that is up there on your card, you will surely have to get it edited, and voilà, again invest in reprinting. Well, not just the reprinting but the investment you made in printing the first edition also sort of is wasted if there a lot of them left behind. If you have a digital visiting card, you have the full freedom to edit your card anytime you want without worrying about any investment.

This was about how digital business cards prove to be a low cost solution over your typical paper cards. Well, this is not it, there are a few more benefits that a digital business card offers. Let’s have a look at them as well! 

Advantages Of A Digital Visiting Card Over The Paper Card

  • A typical business card is made of paper and we all know where paper comes from. There are so many trees that are cut down every year for paper and which leads to environmental issues. However, with a digital business card, we can help reduce the number of trees that have to be cut in order to produce paper. In short, with these eco-friendly digital cards, we can help heal the environment and it is one of the biggest advantages. 
  • When it comes to paper cards you have to always remember to carry them with you. Whereas, with digital cards you need not worry about it as you can access your digital visiting card anywhere and anytime you need with just one click. Digital cards bring ease of accessibility. 
  • There are no limits to what you want to include on your business card when you opt for digital cards. You can use your own creativity and innovation to design your card to make it as attractive as possible. You can add photos and videos that can’t be done on a typical paper card. In short, you get the full freedom of customization. 
  • Digital visiting cards can prove to be an attractive yet professional and subtle way of marketing. It all mainly depends on how you design it and who doesn’t want to look professional in a business? 


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