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How Fashion Nova Satisfies Customers With Its Stellar Customer Care Service

How Fashion Nova Satisfies Customers With Its Stellar Customer Care Service

Fashion Nova is a fast-fashion brand that was founded in 2006. 14 years ago, the brand that we now know so well today was just a store in Panorama Mall, Los Angeles that sold “clubwear” to ladies. The founder and CEO, Richard Saghian, was able to massively scale the company by going online. From having just a few thousand customers, Fashion Nova went on to gather millions of followers in only a few years, competing toe-to-toe with other fast-fashion brands that have been around for several decades.

How was Saghian able to grow the brand so fast in a few years?

Richard Saghian discovered that the internet could make a lot of money pretty later than other people. Initially, his goal was to build 100 brick-and-mortar stores in the United States.

But, when he realized that people were selling his products online (at higher prices) and sold more than he did, he decided to go online.

He started from his Instagram page, uploading pictures of his customers in their Fashion Nova outfits. He continued doing this until the Instagram page gained 60K followers. Then, he launched an online store. All the items in the inventory sold out that weekend.

Saghian then expanded the brand by launching clothing lines for plus-sized and curvy women. He realized that no brand gave these women affordable fashion pieces that looked good on them, and he decided to do that with Fashion Nova.

Since the brand first launched, Saghian has been listening to the customers and doing things they wanted. Even though the brand now has over 20 million followers, they did not decide to increase the price of their fashion items. Everything is still very affordable. They’ve also created clothes for plus-sized ladies (up to 4X) that you wouldn’t find most other companies doing.

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Below, we’re going to see how Fashion Nova ensures that the customers always receive the best service.

How Fashion Nova Customer Service Has Helped Satisfy Customers

Most of the Fashion Nova customers give the brand an excellent star rating for their customer service. Here’s how the customer service has been helping:

1.      Prompt Replies

When customers encounter problems when shopping in the store, they contact customer service. For instance, a customer placed an order and used QUADPAY for the first time. However, she forgot to change her old delivery address to the new address. So, she reordered it two seconds later before the item went out of stock.

She immediately reached out to customer service about canceling her first order as she didn’t want to pay twice or receive the item two times.

Normally, Fashion Nova’s return policy is a bit strict. But, this customer was able to get in touch with the customer service on time, and everything was arranged.

By working fast, the Fashion Nova customer service can settle situations quickly, and customers can get the products they want.

2.      Easy Going

Nobody will say they’ve not encountered some pretty hostile customer service personnel. These people respond aggressively to the customers, even if they end up giving them what they want.

However, this isn’t the case for Fashion Nova. When customers contact the customer care service, and they get a response, the personnel treat them with respect and help things go smoothly.

In the instance given above, the customer service agent helped the customer cancel the initial order even though it took a bit of time to get it through. She was understanding and kept in touch till the issue was resolved.

3.      Great Return & Refund Service

There have been cases where customers end up with an item they didn’t order or when they change their minds about the items they ordered. In these cases, they contact customer care for a refund. Normally, people believe this should take a lot of time to get the item back and have their money sent to them.

However, this is different in Fashion Nova’s case. People get their money back within quickly when placing the call to a customer service agent. All they need to do is tell the customer service agent why they want to return it, have their clothes sent back, and then receive their refunds. But, customers may not be able to get refunds when they buy items on sale. This is because they are already buying it at a huge discount. Nevertheless, the clothes are usually of good quality, and many people don’t request a refund.

4.      Availability

The fastest way to reach Fashion Nova’s customer service is by calling them on their customer care line. However, that is not the only way to reach them. You’ll also be able to get your questions answered and issues resolved when you send them an email to the address (info@fashionnova.com). This is mainly used to exercise your information, deletion, and access rights.

Want your issues resolved quickly? Call them at 1-800-866-0286, and you’ll be able to speak to a customer care agent.

Some people have also tried sending them a DM on Instagram and communicating with them via the comment section on their posts. However, it might be a bit difficult to reach them via those methods because there are thousands of people commenting on those pictures at the same time and thousands equally flooding the DM.

Fashion Nova customer care tries to help the customers solve their issues quickly and feel more confident in the brand again.