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Formulating a Twitter Strategy for 2021

Formulating a Twitter Strategy for 2021

There was a time when Twitter used to publish a monthly newsletter outlining seasonal trends, ongoing developments, and upcoming happenings for users to be mindful of. In the world of online marketing and social media management, this valuable resource is known as an editorial calendar, and it was nicely provided by Twitter for free and for the benefit of its users, but when the coronavirus pandemic threw daily life in a state of disarray, the effectiveness of this resource became diminished.

Since Twitter is a very dynamic platform by virtue of its functionality, it makes perfect sense that a strategic guide for 2021 was published in lieu of the previous monthly versions, which are bound to return in the future. Once we start putting the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic behind us, and we know this will happen because vaccination campaigns are taking place and new treatments are emerging, it will make sense to start following editorial calendars once again. For the time being, you should download the Twitter Planner 2021 PDF guide and review the aspects that apply to your online presence. Here are some highlights you will want to read and evaluate:

Figuring Out Your Adequate Twitter Presence

Everything you do on Twitter will ultimately reflect your branding. This may not be readily apparent to individuals or business entities that are only starting to find their way around social media, but that is the way it always works. The words you write in your short Twitter bio should reflect you core identity. Think about it from the point of view of someone who visits your Twitter page and looks directly at your bio.

Take a look at this Twitter page for an entrepreneur and philanthropist. In just a few sentences, you can get a sense of vision, mission, and core values; moreover, the tweets and replies are in tune with the core identity. This is what we can safely call an adequate Twitter presence.

Rational Thinking Before Tweeting

It really helps to become familiar with the Twitter terms of service and content posting guidelines. Everyone knows what happened to the Twitter account of the former President of the United States, and it can happen to anyone using the platform. In the 2021 Twitter Planner, you will find various useful tips to start conversations, and here are three you should strongly consider:

* Harness the power of statistics. Nuggets of information that are boiled down to figures and percentages tend to go over very well among Twitter users.

* Ask thoughtful questions. Your followers will appreciate being considered worthy of providing opinions, particularly those that are bound to become actionable. Let’s say your company is planning to record a podcast; this would be a good time to ask for input about future topics that followers will like to hear.

* Request feedback. Once you have collected a few hundred followers, you will find that they can be a good source of feedback for your projects. A fashion boutique that is thinking about adding garments from two different collections can get some constructive opinions from prospective shoppers in order to make a final decision.