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Getting Rid of Your Pup’s Poop at Your Apartment

Getting Rid of Your Pup’s Poop at Your Apartment

Apartment living can be tough when you have dogs who want to run outdoors and play. Routine walks can help to give them what they need. This allows them to breathe in the fresh air – all while spending time with their best friend. 

Unfortunately, having so many dogs going for walks and using the bathroom in the same area can pose some problems when it comes to pet waste. 

So what’s the best way to get rid of your pup’s poop at your apartment? Let’s talk about it. 

The Dangers of Leaving Dog Poop Behind

Picking up dog poop isn’t always a task to jump for joy over, but it needs to be done. After all, leaving it behind can lead to some dangers you’d likely prefer not to deal with. 

Harmful germs. Pet waste can be full of harmful germs, such as bacteria, parasites, and pathogens that can make both you and your pets sick. Leaving this in the grass where lots of dogs and residents roam can be a threat. 

Invites unwanted pests. There is no doubt about it – dog poop attracts pests. Depending on where you reside, this could mean rodents, roaches, flies, fleas, ticks, and more may be living in the community rent-free. 

Environmental contamination. Dog poop is known by the EPA as a huge environmental contaminant. It can make its way into the water supply – leading to dangers for fish and wildlife. 

Fall dangers. Have you ever stepped on a pile of dog poop? If so, you know your foot can slide and your body can do a little shimmy. For those who don’t have a steady balance, this is enough to cause a fall. Not only are the results of it gross, but could lead to pain and injury, too. 

Unwanted odors. Although it is not necessarily a danger like the others, waste left behind by many dogs can become overpowering. 

Talk to Your Apartment Manager

The best way to deal with getting rid of your pup’s poop at your apartment is to talk to the management team that cares for the property. Discuss ways to make picking up poop easy and effective. 

One option would be to make it mandatory to pick up after your pet. While this is general knowledge, posting reminders throughout the community may be helpful. 

Another thing to consider is adding doggy doo bags throughout the designated dog-walking areas. This will serve as a reminder to residents to pick up after their pets, while also making it convenient. Of course, it will also reduce their ability to use the excuse that they forgot to bring a bag. Placing bags and garbage stations throughout the space may offer some help to the community. 

Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how hard you try, you cannot force residents to pick up after their pups. Even making it convenient as mentioned above may help some, but it isn’t likely to get 100% cooperation from all the dog walkers. So, investing in a pooper scooper service may be the key. 

Discuss having a company come to remove the poop from the designated areas. This will not only keep all the neighborhood dogs happy and healthy, but it is sure to make those who live in the apartments happy, too. It would reduce the number of unwanted pests, as well as the stench. 

Whichever option you choose, it is always good to keep open lines of communication with the management at your apartment complex – especially when it comes to something as important as pet waste removal.  

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