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Traffic & sales are the biggest problems of an online business. Many of the bloggers don’t have traffic and a lot of businesses don’t get sales – even after traffic.

Do you know why?

The only reason behind all this is that you don’t have the right content. Even before publishing content, you can get the estimate of traffic on that post and hence you can make an idea of conversions on the basis of estimated traffic.

And an SEO understands the value of keywords, chosen. Not every keyword is gonna get you traffic or sales.

Keywords for traffic and sales are chosen wisely. And then you can produce high-quality content that could bring you sales or engagement. Otherwise, all in vain.

Yes, that’s true.

Hight-quality Content is king.

Writing a 10 thousand words article can’t guarantee you rankings or conversions. There is a myth behind everything that makes content – the quality content.

Most people go for low-quality content and spend a lot of time and effort to rank that content on Google, and after that, they realize that they wasted all the money – they aren’t getting conversions, traffic, or Adsense revenue is too low.

How terrible that is, I completely understand, because I have personally experienced it for my business in my beginnings. And now, I have the ability to choose the right keywords for any goals.

That means instead of spending money, time, and energies on the low-quality content, it’s great to hire a freelance writer who understands what works in the industry.

By the way, I have been published on Communal News, Self-Growth, Thrive Global, and many other well-reputed websites. And I have worked for different companies around the world.

Want to hire me as a freelance writer? Let’s discuss more about your business here.

    It’s a fact that as being a businessman and blogger, I keep an eye on what works and what doesn’t. I look at the trends.

    The world is changing now. It’s a digital era. Especially, as the Coronavirus will end, we all will be habitual of not letting go out of the home.

    Here is the proof,

    Traffic change due to Corona Virus

    Cloudflare notices a massive increase, and it’s still going up.

    What does it mean?

    It means all businesses will undoubtedly be online in the world.

    The competition will be higher than ever because more people will be online & there will be more opportunities.

    What should you do now?

    It’s an excellent time to take advantage of the time. If you’re not online, either you’re a business or a freelancer, then it’s a great time to serve online; otherwise, maybe your survival will be difficult in the upcoming days, not that much bard, but there will be fewer opportunities to grow without an online presence.

    But there is a problem that you might face in the upcoming days.

    As there will be more opportunities, people will eventually be quality conscious. Maybe, the conversion rate of direct Ads that’s on average, 4.02% will be even lesser.

    What will work in that case?

    Content that could change someone’s mind. It’s not just your product but an educational content that converts. That’s copywriting.

    Even today, the conversion rate of educational content is much higher than Adwords.

    So how can I help you as a freelancer writer?

    It’s really important to understand how I can be a perfect choice for your business or blog.

    Story writing and SEO are plus points:

    Eric Edmaedes (entrepreneur and a coach) claims that people remember things far better when you tell them in stories. And undoubtedly, a content ranks on Google when it’s SEO optimized.

    So I know to write SEO articles which could rank on Rich Snippets as well, as my blog has secured rich snippet positions for a lot of keywords.

    It’s not about writing only if you can’t find high paying keywords (money keywords) definitely you won’t get high rewards. So as I will reanalyze your keywords with their intent if they can be a good fit for your business.

    I work as a freelance ghostwriter:

    Your business really means to me. I won’t take the rights of the content I produce for you and it will be your lifetime asset with your copyrights.

    You can use that content anywhere for any purpose.

    I’m good at SEO content writing:

    As we discussed earlier, the right content is king. So I can produce high-quality content for your business or blog. The content that will highly be engaging and converting.

    And if you’re a company, I can take all the responsibility of your blog section from where you get most of your sales.

    I’m a good fit for copywriting at affordable prices:

    If you’re looking for a copywriter at affordable prices then I can write for you in affordable ranges.

    I shall produce a matchless highly engaging copy for your business and if that couldn’t satisfy you then I will take responsibility for a free revision.

    Let’s discuss the perfect content for your business.

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      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

      how to find a freelance copywriter blogger?

      It's not hard to find a freelance copywriter blogger, because many bloggers like me are offering freelance copywriting services as well.

      how much does a freelance copywriter charge?

      The charges of freelance copywriting depend on the content you're looking for and the writer you hire. If the writer is an expert then he will ask more than the junior. People charge $50 to $2500 dollars a page.

      how to find a freelance copywriter for your content needs?

      To find a freelance copywriter for your content needs you should manually search for content writers available in your niche. For example, I am good at writing about business, relationships, motivation, success and financial IQ.

      How to hire a freelance writer?

      To hire a freelance writer, you should always see his writing style, diction, and flow. If you're satisfied with his/her style then you should hire that freelance writer.