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Content Writer + Copywriter + Story Writer + SEO = Massive Growth


Traffic & sales are the biggest problems of an online business. Many of the bloggers don’t have traffic and a lot of businesses don’t get sales – even after traffic.

Do you know why?

The only reason behind all this is that you don’t have the right content. Even before publishing content, you can get the estimate of traffic on that post and hence you can make an idea of conversions on the basis of estimated traffic.

Safari SEO Sydney Company advises that an expert understands the value of the chosen keywords and the keyword density. Not every keyword has the same search volume behind it, and the greater the search volume the harder it will be to rank.

Keywords for traffic and sales are chosen wisely. And then you can produce high-quality content that could bring you sales or engagement. Otherwise, all in vain.

Yes, that’s true.

High-quality Content is king.

Writing a 10 thousand words article can’t guarantee you rankings or conversions. There is a myth behind everything that makes content – the quality content.

Most people go for low-quality content and spend a lot of time and effort to rank that content on Google, and after that, they realize that they wasted all the money – they aren’t getting conversions, traffic, or Adsense revenue is too low.

How terrible that is, I completely understand, because I have personally experienced it for my business in my beginnings. And now, I have the ability to choose the right keywords for any goals.

That means instead of spending money, time, and energies on the low-quality content, it’s great to hire a freelance writer who understands what works in the industry.

By the way, I have been published on Communal News, Self-Growth, Thrive Global, and many other well-reputed websites. And I have worked for different companies around the world.

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