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Hit the Town: 6 Outdoor First Date Ideas

Hit the Town: 6 Outdoor First Date Ideas
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Around 75% of single people think their dating lives aren’t going very well. That’s because there’s a lot to consider when it comes to actually going on a date — especially a first one!

If possible, get to know the person through messages first. You’ll get a sense of if they’re a match and can think of a date idea that suits you both.

Here are some outdoor first date ideas to get you started.

1. Hiking

If you love to work out and get to know someone while doing physical activity, consider hikes among your outdoor first date ideas. Many hikes have amazing views at the end, while can really help set an atmosphere!

However, you should make sure you and your date have a similar fitness level. That way, you’ll be able to pick a good hike.

2. Rent Some Bikes

Renting some bikes and going on a cycle can be a fun first date. You can cycle around a familiar area or show your date somewhere new to them, but familiar to you!

If you’re not sure where to rent bikes from, check out chargebikes.com/collections/electric-bikes for help.

3. Find a Restaurant Patio

Restaurant patios are one of the increasingly popular first date ideas during quarantine, as you can still distance if you don’t feel too safe — but you still get to enjoy a fairly normal date!

If you’d rather get dinner and drinks and stick to something classic, there’s no shame in that.

4. A Theme Park

If you’re an adrenaline lover, consider going to a theme park with your date. If things get awkward, you always have the rides to discuss, and at least you know you’ll have fun that day!

Don’t go to a theme park and pretend to like rollercoasters if you just know they’ll make you throw up!

5. The Beach

If you’re near a beach, it’s one of the great classic low-key first dates.

You can take a walk along the sand and get to know each other while enjoying great views — especially if you go close to sunset.

6. Go to an Outdoor Sporting Event

If there’s a game on nearby and you really want to go, why not combine it with your first date? Grabbing a beer and watching the game in person can be a great experience because you’ll have chances to talk but something else to focus on.

Just make sure you and your date don’t support opposing teams, as that could get awkward real fast!

There Are Lots of Outdoor First Date Ideas

The list of outdoor first date ideas is truly neverending. There are many great things you can do regardless of your style.

If you’re active and outdoorsy, go on a hike or watch some sports! If you like classic and lowkey, consider grabbing some outdoor drinks or a nice walk on the beach.

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