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Horrible Impact Of Negative Words – Skip Them Out Of Speech


Stop! Don’t read it. Think for a while and tell how many negative words did you spoke yesterday?

If you don’t remember yesterday, Just imagine, how many can you count for today?

Look, there can be two kinds of negative words.

  1. Abusive words
  2. Routine words

For abusive words, I suppose – you know well about it.

And while talking about routine negative words, It can be all the words that can affect someone’s life negatively.

For example, impossible, loser, stress, burden, can’t.

The negative words can be used in such sentences as,

  1. It’s impossible for you.
  2. You’re a loser.
  3. People smoke more while in stress.
  4. I know it, you can’t.

You can think of thousands of expressions that spread nothing but negativity and adversity in the lives of people.

You know, these words are actually affecting your own life too!

Louise Hay (author of several books) has said that whatever we start telling our mind, our mind will try to make it happen.

You start telling yourself that you don’t like your job. Sooner you will realize that the job has become a mess for you. You will feel stressed and overburdened in the office.

So is the case with everything you speak.

Every negative word, remark or expression you create for yourself, becomes an affirmation for your mind. Your mind will get it as truth and will accept it.

In the same way, it works with others.

When you speak negatively to someone, either it can be your spouse, friend or fellow. Whatever you say, has a huge impact on the image you have in the mind and on the person to whom you speak. It works as an impulse or a stimulus for further action.

For example, when you say someone that it’s much harder to do for you, or you start saying someone you’re unlucky – it will become an affirmation to his mind.

Now it depends how much strong that person is.

If the person is strong enough to absorb the negativity and turn it into positive vibes, It won’t be that much effective. But still, it will affect.

Now a few can claim that it doesn’t matter.

Jim Rohn has said; Everything does matter.

It’s possible that the other mind is strong enough not to accept the negativity – the mind will react and try to defend. But it’s definitely gonna affect that mind.

Now, how it’s gonna affecting your life.

Either the other mind is strong enough or not. In both cases, your mind will suffer negative effects.

Your mind would like to defeat the other person and make yourself true. If couldn’t happen you will start disliking and feel jealous. (You’re suffering).

And if your mind won, your mind will become strong in having a negative approach.

It’s always affecting you and your fellows. So, eliminate the negative words from your life!