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How Minimizing Distractions Can Maximize Your Creativity

How Minimizing Distractions Can Maximize Your Creativity

In the modern era of technology, distractions can run rampant in one’s life. They can cost up to 2.1 hours of an 8-hour workday and task switching can cost 40% of one’s productivity time. All these distractions can make holding onto an idea incredibly challenging. Amidst the 6,000 thoughts the average person has every day, frantically trying to jot down these ideas is the common answer.

But what are some alternative ways to write down your ideas after a bout of creativity? The modern solution to this problem is typing on a digital device, although the use of a digital device can be the cause of distraction rather than the avoidance of one. You can also try transcription services, although it is not always accurate and can be hard to clarify yourself. Similarly, AI lacks manual typing, but can often be unclear or divorced from the original idea you had.

Fortunately, it’s possible to enjoy the advantages of all the above methods while limiting the drawbacks. Using apps like Vnote, a content creation tool,  harnesses AI to optimize typing and speech-to-text note taking. Through these applications, you can take notes 3 times faster than typing and are much more accessible to a larger population. Ultimately, regardless of your note taking preference, taking advantage of apps like Vnote can benefit your daily life.

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Source: Vnote.ai