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How Often Should I Check in on My Storage Unit?


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When storing things in a storage unit, people sometimes forget about their items as time passes. To avoid storage loss or damage, storage users should check on storage units every so often. Some storage facilities allow storage users to pay for an additional monthly storage unit inspection, which may include opening up the storage unit doors and checking on the storage unit’s status. In this article, you will find out how often storage users need to check their storage unit.

Check For Any Damages

When storage units are full, storage users are unable to see if there is any storage damage. For example, bugs can get into stored goods or tape can come off, allowing water in. Therefore, storage units should be checked once every few months to ensure that there’s no storage damage.

Check Storage Unit’s Security

Storage units in storage facilities should have a sturdy door and storage windows, so storage users should check to see that the storage facility is holding up. If not, then storage users may want to move their items into another storage unit or cancel their storage unit rental to prevent theft of their belongings.

Check Storage Unit’s Temperature

Since storage units are airtight, the storage unit temperature can go up or down. Storage users should check storage unit temperatures often to see that their belongings aren’t being damaged by extreme hot or cold temperatures. When checking storage unit temperatures, storage users should ensure that the temperature inside the storage unit is as close to storage unit temperature as possible.

Check Storage Units for Pests

In storage units, storage items are sometimes eaten by rodents and insects. Storage users should check storage units often to make sure that there is no evidence of pest infestation. If storage users notice any signs of pest infestation or damage from pests, then they may want to choose storage units with pest repellent options.

Check Storage Unit’s Lock

Storage units that are “combination storage” do not require storage users to carry their own locks, but storage units that are “keypad storage” do. Storage users should check storage unit locks to ensure that the storage unit isn’t left unlocked. When storage users are storing locks, they should ensure that the storage unit locks are durable enough to keep storage items safe.

Check For Any Storage Unit Theft

When checking on storage units, storage users should ensure that their belongings haven’t been stolen. Storage users can do this by checking storage units locks and security after every storage unit checkup. If storage unit security has been compromised, then it is recommended for storage users to choose storage units with a storage access code and a combination lock.

Check On the Storage Facility That Your Storage Units Are In

Storage users should check with their storage facilities to ensure that they’re still operating by checking official websites, calling companies or visiting storage facilities security. If storage facilities security has changed, storage users may want to choose storage units with locks and security or cancel their storage unit rental altogether.

By checking on storage units often, it will be easy to find out how often you need to check in. Storage users should check on their storage units at least once every 2 months to ensure that everything is okay in the unit. Now that storage users know how often they should check storage units, storage renters can put this information to good use. If storage users need storage units near them or storage facilities security, then storage users should visit Protection Self Storage today. At Protection Self Storage, storage unit renters will find storage units with keypad storage, storage access codes and storage security.


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