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How The Right Packaging Can Grow Your Food Business


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A recent survey showed that the average supermarket features more than 50,000 different types of products on their shelves. With such a large number of competitors, finding a way to reach customers is no easy feat.  

Consequently, creating a foothold on online platforms can be a challenge without putting aside part of your budget for an aggressive marketing campaign. When these concerns begin to rise, it may be time to re-evaluate your packaging choices and designs. 

Your business’ packaging is the first thing anyone sees when you pitch your product to customers. With the stakes this high, creating a great first impression will be crucial in closing the sale. Additionally, learning the unspoken language of packaging can be the edge you need to stand out above the rest of the competition. 

Read on to discover the specific ways in which food packaging boxes and containers help your business grow.  

  1. Entices Customers To Try Your Product 

As previously stated, your packaging will be the first point of contact between you and your customers. As such, choosing designs that appeal to your specific audience can greatly generate interest in your food product. Moreover, choosing the best shaped container for your product can merge functionality and aesthetics in one move. 

Some of the more common choices of packaging and their uses include: 

  • Glass Containers – mostly used for liquid products 
  • Thermoformed Containers – plastic trays for eggs and meats 
  • Cans – commonly used to hold drinks or food 
  • Cardboard Containers – used by restaurants for takeout orders 

Studies show that customers can make decisions in a fraction of a second. Catching people’s attention during this short window will be the mark of excellent packaging choices. A deep understanding of your brand image can be the best guide as well. Knowing when to utilize flashy versus minimalist designs will help increase the allure to your product. 

  1. Saves More Money 

The next point to bring up is the cost of packaging with regards to its contents. For each type of food product, they must be matched with packaging that is suited to their specific qualities. As such, maximizing container space can help ensure quality products without having to raise prices to cover the costs. 

Keep in mind that any business that includes food handling is subject to strict monitoring. Mismatching food and its containers can have a multitude of consequences. These include broken packaging, underutilized space, and product contamination. All of which could incur heavy losses on your company. 

As a final note, your packaging methods can be studied for improvements too. Comparing the pros and cons of machine packaging versus hand packaging can lead to substantial savings to your business. 

  1. Improves Brand Image 

The right packaging also increases the exposure of your business and could even improve the brand’s image. Becoming a recognizable brand for the right reasons can be your signal to begin plans for expansion. 

Now more than ever, transparency is one of the most sought-after qualities by customers. Social media platforms make it easier for people to do their research on any business beforehand. Excellent packaging choices will address these concerns and paint a good portrait of your business. 

For example, environmentally-friendly packaging can be your method of creating connections with your customers. Single-use plastics and Styrofoam containers are usually frowned upon by conscious buyers these days. That’s because these materials take many years to decompose and has negative effects on the environment.  

Ultimately, using paper-based or recycled cardboard containers will send the right message to your audience. These food packaging materials are generally cheaper and give off an all-natural look to them. These and other green practices can be taken as undeniable proof to your commitment for sustainability. Many consumers would then prefer to support you. 

  1. Gives You An Edge In Online Marketing 

Although new to the scene, the influence online marketing can have on customers will be a tool that propels your business to staggering levels of growth. Even without spending on marketing ads just yet, your food packaging choice can be enough to stir up buzz for your business. 

As a rule of thumb in the food industry, people eat with their eyes before they taste your product. Visually-stimulating and attractive packaging may actually positively affect customer experience before even trying it out.  

To take full advantage of this effect, ensure that your containers look appealing in pictures no matter the angle. Social media and online sharing platforms place high value on aesthetically-pleasing products. As people take photos or videos of your food items and share them on the internet, your packaging’s personality will be the biggest selling point to new customers. 

Whether selling cans of tuna to major food distributors or starting a vegan-focused venture, the power of online marketing can be harnessed by anyone. Furthermore, investing in your food packaging’s charm can be all the endorsement you need. 


No matter the business, first impressions matter. Creating interesting and sustainable packaging for your food business can tell customers all they need to know about you. Moreover, big industries and small startups can utilize online platforms to their advantage.   


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