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How to Clean Your Engagement Ring

How to Clean Your Engagement Ring

Whether you’re planning an upcoming wedding or celebrating your Golden Anniversary, you’ll want to know how to keep your engagement ring in pristine condition. With regular cleaning, you can ensure that your jewelry looks and feels as good as new, but how do you go about cleaning an engagement ring? To find out how to keep your engagement ring sparkling, take a look at these top tips:

1. Assess the Ring for Damage

Before you start cleaning an engagement ring, it’s essential to check whether there is any existing damage present. If a stone is loose, for example, home cleaning could risk dislodging it or causing further damage

 If you notice signs of wear and tear, take your engagement ring to a professional jeweler so that repairs can be undertaken. 

2. Setup a Workstation

If you’re going to be cleaning an engagement ring at home, you’ll want to ensure you have a clear space to work in. Although you’ll be using water to clean your engagement ring, never risk cleaning over a sink! Instead, clear a section of your kitchen work surface, desk, or dining room table so that if the ring slips or pieces happen to get dislodged, they land safely on a flat surface where they’ll be easily visible instead of slipping down a drain.

3. Use Warm Water and Soap

Fill a small bowl or cup with warm water and add a touch of soap. Standard dishwashing soap is usually safe for use with jewelry and many people find this to be the best option for at-home cleaning. Then, place your engagement ring in the water and soap and allow it to soak for around 20-30 minutes. 

4. Gently Scrub with a Toothbrush

After soaking your engagement ring, use a soft-bristled toothbrush to gently scrub away any dirt or buildup. You’ll want to use a very soft toothbrush to do this and keep it reserved for jewelry cleaning. Remember: don’t scrub too hard, or you could risk dislodging a stone or damaging the band. 

5. Rinse & Dry

Now, simply rinse the engagement ring with water so that all of the soap is removed. The water should be warm but not hot.

After cleaning an engagement ring, you can use a linen or cotton cloth to dry it or allow it to air dry. Other options, such as paper towels, could be too abrasive to rub directly on the ring, so if in doubt, leave the ring to air dry.

Should You Have Your Engagement Ring Professionally Cleaned?

Although at-home cleaning will help to keep your engagement ring looking great, it doesn’t compare to professional cleaning. When you take your engagement ring to a jeweler in Charleston, for example, their equipment and expertise will enable them to undertake comprehensive cleaning. In addition to this, a professional jeweler will be able to advise whether any repairs or additional maintenance is required. 

Knowing how to clean your engagement ring will ensure you can keep your jewelry in pristine condition, but if you’re unsure what materials to use or how to go about it, it’s always best to seek professional advice.