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How to earn money with NFT gaming

How to earn money with NFT gaming

There is no denying that the gaming world is an entertainment industry giant. With all of the occurring over the last several years pushing for faster digitalization and substantial progress in blockchain technology, the gaming industry was also struck by a new craze.

What seemed unattainable and impossible just a couple of years ago is now an easily available reality for gamers around the entire world. Earning money with gaming has never been easier than it is today and all thanks to the combination of games and blockchain.

With NFT gaming continuing to turn heads, it is worth giving this idea a try for yourself. Earning by playing is making gamers’ dreams come true, dreams in which a stable income is no longer only reserved for professional players and big sponsorships but all. 

How new is NFT gaming? 

NFT gaming is a quite young phenomenon that kicked off its eye-catching growth in the last quarter of 2021, with several popular NFT games hitting the market and pioneering the field. 

Picture anything from the fantasy world, intergalactic battles, football, races, and even a chicks game. Yes, you read that right, a revolutionary chicks game that was the one to put NFT gaming on the map as a new concept. As it is clear, this category has a lot to offer.  

NFT gaming market size

If you are still feeling a tad skeptical over the idea that NFT gaming can bring you a steady income or even a massive fortune, look no further than to the success that non-fungible tokens are ranking in for traditional industries such as art. 

Take for example The Merge and Everydays, popular NFT success stories. With these paintings reaching incredible price tags nearing almost a hundred million dollars each, it is safe to say that this hype is not going anywhere, but that it will further progress. 

As far as the NFT gaming market goes, it has shown exponential growth, closing the last year off at an incredible 7 billion dollars worth. Bearing in mind that crypto gaming is guaranteed to stay, estimates place NFT gaming at the center of the future of the gaming world.

Earn money with NFT gaming 

This is no far-fetched idea, but readily available to you, the gamer, with the help of a few mouse clicks and some important pieces of knowledge on the industry to make sure that you too are earning a payoff on all of the time, skills, and money you invested. 

While there are a few different ways you can profit, some ways are more known than others. 

With NFT gaming providing rewards for time spent playing as well as the effort put into participating in the in-game economy, expect to get rewards as you obtain a plethora of assets. These can be either items or in-game tokens. 

However, the most prominent way to earn your money is to play the game and play it well. What is meant by this is the idea that the better you play the better your experience, items, skins, characters, and similar will be.

All of these things, thanks to blockchain, are now unique non-fungible tokens that can be sold at a marketplace of your choice, while you happily walk off with cryptocurrency earnings that can be transformed into real-world cash. Sounds amazing, right? 

Is NFT gaming the future of gaming? 

Perhaps the biggest change that this gaming development has introduced is not just the fact that games have become NFT-inhabited spaces, but the fact that players are no longer just passersby but owners of in-game items. 

By owning some NFT items as a gamer, whether by winning, trading, purchasing, or attaining them throughout the game, you are earning real-world value. More ripe generations of players know that this has not always been the case and that making a living off of gaming was a dream that sometimes seemed significantly out of reach. 

If you ever get bored, you can always rent-to-earn. With a big amount of options to choose from in terms of playing to earn, don’t forget to have fun as you play.