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How To Evolve Into The Person You Want To Become Through Jason Preston’s Philosophy


Utah’s 3rd Congressional District prospective candidate Jason Preston operates from a philosophy he refers to as “Fierce Empathy.” [Fierce empathy] is a powerful approach to life and business in which you are positioned to provide insights, ask challenging questions, and serve others in an environment where they are open to feedback because they feel seen, heard, and understood.

Jason is a coach, speaker, and co-founder who has built multi-six figure  businesses (including the Tour of Utah) helping entrepreneurs transform their lives and businesses. He focused on helping entrepreneurs develop the internal systems, habits, and structure needed for them to effectively implement and deploy the external systems of sales, marketing, and fulfillment to transform their businesses.  Some of the pillars that define Jason’s unique coaching method and philosophy of fierce empathy are; courage, vision, passion, integrity, and service.


Jason Preston’s philosophy is rooted in courage. You cannot achieve your goals without the humility to define them and the courage to work on them. He embodies this belief in everything he does and it was instrumental to him quitting his six-figure corporate career and pursuing his own dreams. Jason has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs and thought leaders from across the state of Utah. He believes that the foundation for success in any area of life or business is having the courage to put in the work required, despite the risks.


Vision is one of those challenging terms that very few people take seriously. Jason believes that simplifying what vision actually means is essential to success. He says that without having a clear vision of what you want and why you want it, you won’t be able to achieve it. Most people want something in life, but they don’t really take the time to define why they want it. In the same way, entrepreneurs want something in their business, but they don’t take the time to define why they want it. Vision is essential to personal and business growth because it provides you with a clear ideal to aim at. It enables you to know where you are headed so that you can reverse engineer the process and clearly see the steps you need to take for achievement.


Without passion, your work can often feel purposeless. Jason believes that when you take the time to align yourself with what you want and why you want it, you will begin to feel a new passion because you now have a specific reason for doing the work. He believes that many people are fueled by making more money because they believe it will make them happy. He argues that happiness isn’t something you can buy or attain, but rather, it’s something that must be created from within so you can create success in both your business and your life. Jason says that one of the things he is most passionate about, is helping others to develop more alignment within their internal & external systems so that they can effectively grow their business around their life without sacrificing the things that matter most. 


Integrity is the most important element in creating a successful life and business. Jason says that integrity is the one thing that you can not afford to ever lose. Integrity must be the foundation for anyone wanting to create long-term success because it affects every single area of life. When you live with integrity, you are able to develop trust and rapport with people who can help you. People want to do business with trustworthy people. Keeping your word and dealing honestly with others will help you create more success in both your life and business.


Jason believes that serving people is one the most important elements to creating success in life and business. When you focus on helping other people, you are not only able to find more fulfillment, but you are also able to bring value into other people’s lives. Business is simply the monetization of problem solving. When you do this well, people will gladly exchange their money for the value that you provide. When you take your focus off yourself and begin to focus on helping and serving others, everything begins to change.  If you are an entrepreneur, make sure you’re investing the time into understanding the unique problems that your customers face so that you can be in position to provide valuable solutions.

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