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How to Handle the Current Cybersecurity Shortage

How to Handle the Current Cybersecurity Shortage

There is a real need for improvement when it comes to cybersecurity for not just businesses but individuals too. There’s a threat to those who exist online from the variety of cyber attack methods that are used by those who are looking to scam and exploit others. 

There’s been a significant lack of businesses though, that have spent less money on their cybersecurity solutions and that has led to problems. From current cybersecurity teams feeling the pressures to secure network enterprises, as well as overwhelming workloads. The result of which has led to burnouts and roles that have yet to be filled.

A Downward Spiral in Current Cybersecurity Skills

The skill crisis is real when it comes to cybersecurity. A staggering 57% of large organizations are impacted with a lack of skills in this area of business. On top of that, you’ve got many companies that have to incur costs from data breaches that they’ve experienced and on average cost around $4.24 million per incident. 

It’s a trend that is continuing, despite those within these roles, trying to make the best out of a bad situation. The increased workload for those working in information security, experience damage to their mental health which has led to burnouts during the pandemic. After the year or so that many around the world have experienced, the lack of cybersecurity skill sets have not helped.

The Online World is Experiencing a Cyber War

With the risk that comes through cyber security attacks, the online world seems to be experiencing a cyber war right now that involves ransomware. Devastating to many businesses, there have also been further risks for companies due to many shifting to remote working which has made a lot of businesses more vulnerable.

Many businesses are finding the difficulty to fulfill the need of cloud computing security roles in order to protect those who use cloud computing. There’s also many mistakes that are being made when it comes to hiring cybersecurity professionals.

According to the ISSA/ESG report, there’s a lack of knowledge with some HR when it comes to knowing what skills are needed and offering enough to be competitive to those looking for the job itself.

How to Handle the Current Cybersecurity Shortage

In order to take control of the current cybersecurity shortage, there are a number of things worth doing to help provide the security and safety that your business needs.

Invest in Training Where Possible

To improve your efforts and work when it comes to your employees, training must be considered. It’s the only way your staff will learn and adapt to the changing methods used in cybersecurity.

Recruit with the Right Knowledge 

Recruiting those with the right knowledge is integral to the success of hiring the right employees for the job. Otherwise, you’re going to find someone who at first glance is a reasonable choice but in reality, isn’t.

Work With HR

Finally work with HR to ensure communication over what’s required and needed for the role is made clear between all parties.

Only with the above in place, can a business have more opportunity to reduce the dangers of cyberattacks this year and beyond.